Monthly Archives: November 2015

  • Some Advice to Beginner Shell Collectors

    [ad_1] First of all, exchanging-it is the cheapest way to build up your collection. However you must have a good stock of shells ready and you have to be a patient person that can wait for a good shell offer for many months. Have your shells marked with good clear labels. Another way is that […]

  • Find LEGO Harry Potter Game For PS2, Wii And All

    [ad_1] As you know there’s a brand new Harry Potter movie in theaters and as you would expect it is fairing very well at the box office. That also means that Potter merchandise will also fair well this Christmas season. So if you want a LEGO Harry Potter game you might want to go get […]

  • Homemade Electric Car for Science Project || Sci Fi Junkies

    [ad_1] The buzz about alternative energy and Electric Vehicle (EV) has revived the last few years because of the clear threat that global warming has become. But for hobbyists and innovators, and lovers of life and earth, electric cars have been the gold standard for quite sometime now. Even more so after losing hope in […]

  • Making a Perfect Mermaid Costume

    [ad_1] Have you ever pick the perfect costume for your awaited Halloween party? How much did it cost you? Why not make a costume by yourself? Impossible but it’s true. Yes! You can make your own Halloween party costume for a lesser and cheaper expense. You might be wondering by now if it’s possible, actually […]

  • Is College Education Worth It? A Comparative Study and Analysis

    by Kyle M. Franck      Many students approaching a college career period of their lives have reconsidered attending college due to many reasons, most notably, the costs incurred both during the college term and after graduation. With a growing number of college “non- believers”, it is understandable why many are considering transitioning directly into […]

  • The Old Man and the Girl

    [ad_1] Late one summer day I saw an old man sitting on a park bench. He looked tired, sad, and alone. I knew this man and a feeling of sadness came over me. This man was mean and angry. There was never a smile on his face. In fact, he was so mean, when others […]

  • A Walk in the Woods

    [ad_1] My dreams are modest. Simply stated, I want to live my live my way with out being tied to someone else’s agenda. I don’t require a private jet, or a $4,000,000 yacht. I would like a fancier car, in the thirty to forty thousand range. I’d like to take a trip abroad occasionally, and […]

  • Doctor Who Ratings At All Time Low – Cancellation in the Future?

    Doctor Who Cancellation may be in the future if creative backing not regenerated as the Doctor would have been. Fans not satisfied with BBC. After an all time low in ratings, the future of Doctor Who, loved television series on BBC, is not known. The 52 year history to show beckons for a revival of […]