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2D Adventure RPGs have become very popular over the years. 100s have swept the web and a lot of people are playing them. But what exactly is a 2D Adventure RPG?

What is a 2D Adventure RPG?

A 2D Adventure RPG is a type of game where a person takes on the Role of a fictional character. Thus RPG means Role-Play(ing)-Game. In an RPG, you will most of the time will have an exciting adventure ahead of you taking you through mystical lands that less have seen. From my experience, the further you travel, the more evil creatures you will have to face. However, this is not always the case, sometimes RPGs can have dangerous areas near newbie (also known as “noob”) areas but they tell the player to avoid them. This can be difficult for the newbies as I know myself, you can very easily wonder into these extremely dangerous and find yourself dead.

Battles and levels

Random attacks from vicious monsters has become one of the key things in these games, although, in some games you can see your death coming 🙂 Various rewards are normally given after the battle such as EXP/XP (Experience points which increase your character’s power), GP (Gold Pieces, an overused currency in RPGs), armour, weapons and sometimes items that can help you complete a mission/quest. Leveling is a key thing in these games, if you are a low level, then that often means you won’t be able to continue any further in the game without killing more creatures. Some people find this the best thing in an RPG, but I don’t. I find that getting your character’s level up is too repeditive, it can sometimes just take too long. I have given up half way in most RPGs because they made that big mistake. One RPG was going to require a massive amount of over 40 hours just to advance to the next part in the game! Guess what I through out a window after hearing that?

Missions and Quests

My favourite part of the game is completing missions for random strangers. Most of the time these are really fun but they can be boring such as delivering a letter (sigh). Quests are small or long journeys that you must complete various tasks in order to pass. Once done, you will be giving rewards that may solve other quests or just enhance your current character. Solving a quest may also trigger other quests thus advancing in the game. You may be giving two different paths to follow in a quest/game for example, good and evil. This can also be good as once you are done, you could try the other side to see what that journey is like.


A 2D Adventure RPG is a great game that requires skill and some time. It can be the best game ever, but it really depends on who made it. The quality of these games vary from nothing to a legendary game! You can’t always judge these games when you first play them, as you may just find the controls difficult to master. Enjoy your adventure!


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