3 Toning Butt Exercises For Strengthening Glutes


Want three of the best butt toning exercises for strengthening your glutes and shaping them? It has been proven difficult, or everyone you see on the streets would have them. All you have to do is look at some of the women in the gym who spend tons of time on the stair climber at the gym. Not that cardiovascular is bad, it’s just not the most effective way to tone and firm up your bottom.

Here are three exercises which includes weight training so you can firm up your lower body.

  1. Squats – This is such a great movement, most women steer clear of this movement and look for an easier exercise. But once you try it and see how quickly you see results, you will definitely add this to your routine. It firms up the back of your legs and the lower part of your gluteus maximus nicely.
  2. Walking Lunges – If your not using this, I highly suggest you begin. What you do is take a dumb bell in each hand and lunge forward with one foot while slowly bending down at your knees. You should feel your hamstrings tightening. This alone is quite a powerful exercise for toning glutes.
  3. Dead lifts using risers is another proven method for turning your bottom half into iron. You stand on the risers with a bar just in front of them. Without bending at the knees to much, bend at the waist and grab the bar and pull it up, try and focus on using the muscles in the back of your legs and bottom. This is were you can really firm everything up.

Hopefully you start to incorporate these into your fitness routines. You can take pills and proteins elixers all day long and not see the improvement these three exercises offer.


Source by R.T. Bucher

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