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Time for another elementary school science project! Now that your kid has risen to the 3rd grade, he or she cannot hand in the simpler projects that they did in grades before. No simple magnet experiments anymore. And yet, the typical science project, the volcano, is too complicated for a 3rd grader. What to do?

Here are some of many 3rd Grade Science Project Ideas:

1. Separate the colors found in color markers


– paper towels – scissors – assorted water markers – glass container – pencil/pen – water


1. Cut the paper towel into rectangular strips about one inch wide and as tall as the glass container.

2. Take one of the markers and draw a horizontal line on the paper towel strip about one inch from the bottom.

3. Take a pencil or a pen. Poke a hole in the middle of the paper towel strip. Insert the pencil or pen through this hole so the strip hangs in the middle.

4. Rest the pencil or pen on the top edges of the glass container. The paper towel strip should be hanging into the glass container.

5. Take the pencil/pen off. Pour enough water into the glass container so when the strip is put back in, the water submerges the very bottom of the strip.

6. Put the strip back. Watch the water travel up the paper towel strip. Wait.

7. Repeat these steps for all the markers. See what colors each marker color is made out of!

Some other 3rd Grade Science Project Ideas:

2. Water and Penny Experiments


-many pennies -water -eye dropper – clear drinking glass


One Experiment

1. Take the glass of water and fill it all the way to the top.

2. Carefully add pennies into the water one at a time. Does the water spill over immediately? How many pennies can you add before the water spills over?

Second Experiment

1. Put a penny on the table.

2. Take an eyedropper and begin dripping water on the surface of the penny. How many drops of water can fit on a penny? More than you think!


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