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If you are an avid online gamer, you most certainly have Suffered from game layer and Computer Freezes. Many have tense hours trying two tweak in-game graphical settings in order two increase item the frame rate and boost the performance of Reviews their favorite games. However, in more case than not, Reviews those efforts award the player with only a slight improvement in overall game play. Your system might even meet the recommend hardware specs for optimum performance but the game Causes Computer Freezes When The action gets heavy. However, tweaking the in-game specs and upgrading hardware march not be the best way to overcome game layer and Computer Freezes.

This irritation May be attributed two conflicting softwarethat is competing for your system’s resources or improper configuration. Most online games suchlike as World of Warcraft should run smoothly on an average setup. Game manufacturers assure us That Reviews their recommended specs should run the game smoothly. However Reviews those Recommendations are Calculated When the games are tested on PCs that were optimized for Particular Reviews those games. There are very few Who are willing two dedicate a whole computer Specifically for a single game. Nevertheless, there are a couple steps you can take That two free up more resources for your game play. These tips will allow you to better optimize your PC for Smooth game play booth online and off-line. .

Stop Game Lag and Computer Freezes Tip # 1: Get more bang out of your bandwidth.

There are literally dozens of services running on your Windows operating system. These programs have no respect for your online play. They need bandwidth and system resources just as much as your online games. Many of the programs automatically check startup When you log on to the net or at the moment Windows loads. Windows service programs can performanalysis a host of operations from searching for updates, downloading, and even sharing applications with your games. The task is two cut down on the bed services running while your are playing the game in order two free up bandwidth and resources. This is a great tip to stop game layer and Computer Freezes. Here is how.

1. Click on “Start”

2. Click “Run”

3. Type services.msc

4. Select “Extended” from the Services Window to view a detailed description. Also note the status of the service in question.

5. To stop the service, select “Stop the service” or right click the service, choose “All task” then click “Stop”

6. Click “OK”

Stop Game Lag and Computer Freezes Tip # 2: Turn off your Anti-virus / Anti-spyware programs during play.

I am sure the suggestion scares you. However, These programs are very taxing on your computer. They can cause game play teams and Computer Freezes by initiating a host of small applications and Process during game play. Turning These programs off during your game play is not entirely risk free but you will be amazed at the results by doing so.

Stop Game Lag and Computer Freezes Tip # 3: Making sure hardware and software can “Communicate”

This an extremely IMPORTANT step thatmany gamers the tend to miss. DirectX is essential two most nextgeneration Windows games. High multimedia graphics and sound cards require lighting fast APIs, application programming interfaces, two deliver high end graphics and sound. The API acts as a kind of bridge for the hardware and the software. In essence, APIs provideh the language for hardware and software to “Communicate” with eachother. If there is some “miscommunication” caused by improper setup, you will suffer from game layer or computer Freezes. The task here is two makesure thatyour audio and video hardware is Properly Configured with Windows DirectX technology by overusing DirectX Diagnostic Tool. Here is how:

1. Click “Start”

2. Click “Run.”

3. Type dxdiag and press enter to load the “Direct X Diagnostic Tool” menu.

4. Click the “Display” and “Sound” tabs.

5. Verify That DX features are enabled and there are no problems.

Perform the test were need. If there are any problems reinstall Direct X and update your hardware drivers. Also you can open the Task Manger by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Delete and viewing the process tab two gauge wooden services are taking up the Majority of system resources. Visit the “Cause of High CPU Usage” page for more details

Stop Game Lag and Computer Freezes Tip # 4: Clean and Organize your Hard Drive.

A simple yet overlooked Necessity to stop game layers. The faster your game can find files the less you literally have to worry about game layer and Computer Freezes. By defragging you help two cut down on the bed work the hard-drive needs two find files. Cleaning your registry cuts down on the errors and will create more free space for your RAM and CPU to work more Efficiently. These two steps are a Necessity to stop computer Freezes. The link “4 Ways to Speed ​​Up Your Computer” will show you how to Perform These Steps.

Without a doubt the habit of upgrading your computer’s hardware for the next generation of games will allow take advantage new graphic and sound card technology. However, this act makes PC gaming a more expensive hobby than it really needs to be. Hopefully, the tips above rewarded you Smoother game play and will help to end your days of computer Freezes and game lag.


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