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There is nothing wrong with watching a TV as the television can be a source of news, entertainment and valuable information. Having said that, it is obvious Widely thatmany people especially students are addicted to watching TV Excessively – That ice When they are not wasting Also hour playing video games. It is not uncommon for students to watch the television from anything Ranging from 6 to 24 hrs per day. These all happen to the detriment of Reviews their academic work and training. As technology continues two improvement, more and more TV gadgets are coming to market. These coupled with the enumerable channels now available (anything from 30 – 200+ channels), the choice is limitless and it is evident That more and more people and especially students will continue to be hooked and will no doubt continue two waste most of Reviews their hour watching the box. In this article, I will give 5 Useful hints That can help students limit the time wasted on the TV.

(i) Have a daily target: You are more thunderstorms two dips prey to the TV if you don ‘ t have a target for a day. The free rolling / lounging attitude to work simply takes you straight to the couch – and before you know it, you are alreadytakenusername flipping the channels. With a proper working plan and daily target, you can allocate time for both work and play and preventBubble the TV fromgetting the best of your time.

(ii) Know what you want to watch: These days more time is excited on flipping channels overusing the remote than actually watching anything specific. Before turning ON the TV, have a fair idea of ​​what you want to watch at a specific time be it comedy, movies, music etc. Do not wander aimlessly from channel two channel as in all you are actually wasting time than watching any program .

(iii) Have reminder notes attached to the TV: Yes, for Reviews those people WHO find it hard kicking the TV habit, it is often Useful two have a reminder note stuck next to the screen or anywhere where your eyes can see it. The note should be a reminder That You Need to turn the TV OFF at some stage. It should read anything from “Have you done your work for today” to simply “Turn it OFF.”

(iv) Never turn it ON before a task is completed rather record the program if need be: This is one is pretty self explanatory. Put simply, never turn the TV ON before you have done your work for the day as it is much harder switching the TV OFF than turning it ON. If need be, record the TV program instead Because once the TV is ON, you will now be lured by the countlessother Programmes on the 200+ channels. Believe me you hardly stand a chance!

(v) Use TV listings to know the specific Programmes in order two limit browsing hour: TV listings can be a Useful tool as it shows you the TV programming schedule so That You can pick the Programmes That interest you in order not to waste invaluable time flipping channels. Make it a point to go through the TV listings before hand ie before turning ON the TV.


Source by Kevin C.U.

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