6 Quick Tips For Making Gold in Burning Crusade


Making gold in the Burning Crusade is easy if you have a strategy. The better the strategy, the more gold you will be making. In this article I have put together 6 quick tips that can form a simple but effective strategy for making a lot of gold in the Burning Crusade.

Quick Tip 1: Take up Jewelcrafting. You can by a stack of adamantite ore, prospect it, and then cut the blue gems. Sell the ore and gems for a large profit.

Quick Tip 2: Keep all of the green and blue items that drop while you are out grinding or questing. If your character is not using an item, sell it at the Auction House.

Quick Tip 3: Disenchant. You can get a hold of inexpensive green items either by grinding or through crafting (or you can buy crafted items very cheaply on the AH if they are sold by players leveling up their crafting profession). A lot of times, disenchanting these items and selling the mats on the Auction House is profitable.

Quick Tip 4: Do daily quests. These quests can reap a lot of gold.

Quick Tip 5: Auction off schematics and recipes that drop in the wild. Some of these are quite valuable. Also, don’t forget the neutral auction houses for recipes that your faction can get easily that the other faction cannot.

Quick Tip 6: Stock up on items off the Auction House for cheap on the weekends. There are more players listing items so prices tend to be lower. Resell what you bought during the week at a higher price.


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