A new Judge Dredd Film Has Been Confirmed

The chances of an official full-fledged film sequel to 2012’s Dredd have all but been extinguished over the past few years, with even a strong campaign failing to persuade anyone to cough up the necessary $40 million or so to make the project happen. As such, Karl Urban’s days under the faceplate seem done and dusted, no matter how keen the actor is to reprise the role.

But even if one Dredd adventure is over, another may yet begin. Judge Dredd co-creator John Wagner has suggested on Facebook that more Dredd will eventually arrive on the big screen.

“There will be a new Dredd film,: he posted. “It’s just a question of when.”
hat was pretty much the same line that Alex Garland gave when quizzed about aDredd sequel earlier in the year. Garland, who wrote and produced Dredd, also argued that Dredd would rise again, but that his own time with the character was probably done.

We’d be surprised if a new Dredd film arrived in the next few years, but we’re happy to cling to the hope that it will.

Thanks to the Make A Dredd Sequel campaign for alerting us to this story.

Source: PeelTheOrange

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