AMC ‘s The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale will be 90 Minutes

AMC Walking Dead Season 5 Finale


Sci Fi Junkies is proud to say that the Walking Dead Season 5 Finale will be an extended 90-minute episode airing March 29 at 9 p.m., AMC announced Wednesday.



In the finale, Daryl finds himself in trouble while out on the run. Meanwhile, in Alexandria, Rick and his group continue to feel like outsiders as danger lurks near the gates.


Following AMC Walking Dead at 10:30 p.m. EST, airs Talking Dead, the live after-show hosted by Chris Hardwick. In this episode Hardwick will discuss overview the finale and to expired / fallen characters from the show in a hilarious fashion. Past guests have included Kevin Smith and Norman Reedus.


The Walking Dead season 5 finale The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale Will be 90 Minutes Long

Almost two years after the initial zombie outbreak in The Walking Dead, there aren’t a whole lot of nice people left. After being burned (almost literally, in some cases) one too many times, Rick and the group have learned to be extremely distrustful of strangers – even ones who seem friendly – but the latest developments on the show have given them cause to wonder if a reprieve might be in sight.

There are now just 5 episodes left in the fifth season of The Walking Dead, which has seen its weekly ratings continue to climb compared to the previous season, starting from a premiere that set a new series recordThe Walking Dead can’t rest on its laurels, though, and after indulging in slower-paced episodes like ‘Them’ the pressure is on to build up to a finale that will bring audiences back for season 6.

There will at least be plenty of opportunity for that, as EW reports that The Walking Dead season 5 finale will be an extended 90 minute episode (including commercial breaks), kicking off on March 29th at 9PM on AMC, and followed by an episode ofTalking Dead at 10:30PM. There’s mention of “bid[ding] farewell to fallen characters” in Talking Dead, but it remains to be seen whether that’s just the characters who’ve died so far this season, or if more bodies are going to pile up by the end of the finale.

Christian Serratos and Michael Cudlitz in The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 11 The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale Will be 90 Minutes Long

This marks the third episode of The Walking Dead to receive an extended running time, with the two previous instances being the season 1 and season 2 premieres. The show continues this weekend in ‘Remember’, in which the gang struggle to find their place within the newly discovered sanctuary of Alexandria.

In addition to the main series, a spinoff of The Walking Dead that is rumored to be titled Fear the Walking Dead is expected to premiere on AMC in 2015. It will be set in the same universe as the main show, but with a narrative that kicks off at the very start of the zombie outbreak and a whole new cast of characters.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays @9PM on AMC.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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