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Anime expands upon themes and stories once only depicted by live filming. Anime typically incorporates heavy themes of drama, character development and relationships, as well as strong emotional conflicts. Anime usually puts the good guys into odd situations, and often the main character is somewhat normal, reacting to unusual events.


Anime and western cartoons also handle the storylines differently most of the time. Western cartoons are based more upon the story itself, with the characters often having to take actions against their personality because of the story. Anime and manga are based upon the character(s) and the story is developed from the characters personality and actions.


Big eyes, bright colored hair, well endowed female characters and over exaggerated emotions and gestures are typical of anime and manga characters. Traditionally, anime and manga have been drawn by hand, however, in recent years, computers have taken a much larger role in the creation of anime including characters.

Anime fan base

Obviously, as anime and manga have their roots in the east, this is where the very first fans were. Over the past several years, anime and manga have grown in popularity and have gained fans and followers in the US, UK, and many other countries. One such original anime that helped spur the movement in western countries and particularly the US was called Astro Boy, which NBC aired in 1963. Anime is now also shown in the US on the Sci-Fi channel, usually late nights. There are many English speaking fan groups active on the internet, and there are also conventions which are held in the United States and United Kingdom.

Anime target audience

While many may think at first, without proper knowledge, that most or all anime is targeted at younger audiences, there is much anime for older audiences. Actually, there is a style of anime for just about any particular crowd. There is anime for younger kids, boys (shounen), girls (shoujo), and adults. Within the adult group of anime, there are several sub groups, such as hentai, ecchi, and a few others.


While anime and manga were born in the east many years ago, they have caught on in western countries and continue to grow in popularity with an ever growing base of fans and followers. Only the future knows what it holds for anime and its characters as advances are made in computer and animation technology.


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