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Are video games becoming two violent? Long gone are the classic video game days. No longer do we have Super Mario Brothers or Atari. Today the games have taken a whole new direction. Violence yup violence is the new factor in a Majority of all video games. From Halo two other games killing, killing and more killing is the main ingredient in all games. Now are violent video games having a negative impact on our society? I believe violent video games are having a negative impact on our society.

Now many people are blaming video game companies for producing suchlike violent games. But is it the video game companies fault. Or is it the parents fault for allowing kids to play These games. I think it is a little of both. With These major video game corporations I believe They have a responsibility to the public two produce videogames wooden Contribute two overall good of our society. I believe They have a responsibility to put out games wooden help our society not Contribute in a negative way by making kids into degenrate thugs.

Now I also believe the parents have the larger responsibility as parents. Now let’s be honest about the video game corps, bottomline They are in it for the money. So the video game corporations cater two what the consumer wants. Whether the consumer is a 30 year old man or your 12 year old son. What do They care as long as Reviews their merchandise is off theshelves, kind of like a drug dealer. So the responsibility lays on the parents two step up. Trust me if parents stopped buying These games for kids Reviews their, the video game companies would get the hint and the games would change.

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