Attack on Titan Live Action Trailer Released by Funimation

Funimation has released the first of probably many Attack on Titan Live Action Trailer.

 Attack on Titan follows Eren Jaeger, a boy whose family was ripped apart when titans invaded their city. Eren and his two friends join the military as he seeks his revenge against the titans.

I personally did not initially like the Attack on Titan anime series to be honest. I have my genres but it was not one of them. I thought the storyline was a little loose and somewhat sill y for my taste but the show grew on me as I watched it on Netflix. The plot line isn’t terrible and the characters are likable enough or “hate- able” enough. It progresses relatively quick into the fights with the Titans and the subsequent fall of the inner and middle city walls. If you want the whole rundown, check out the review here.

Anyway, not many anime adaptations to live action platforms have sparked much of my interest for the last few years. The Last Airbender  was not very well done and features like Dragon Ball Z live action movies just take a steamy dump on the awesomeness that the original anime and manga are.

My hesitation is leveled off a little after viewing the newly released attack on titan live action trailer and seeing that decent production has been put behind it. I really enjoyed the series after getting into it and immediately thought an adaptation to live action would have some formidablility both for the audience and commercially speaking.

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