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Children learn more in Reviews their first years of life Because They Live in the evasive theta brain state and this is why children can Acquire a large car broke of information. In theta, learning is extremely rapid. Between birth and the age of 7 children work Mainly in low frequency suchlike as Delta and theta brainwave. They care fully Observe what is happening in Reviews their environment and Adopt the behavior and beliefs of Reviews those around themselve automatically check box. This frequency Allows the brain two absorb and Retain massive Amounts of informationthat gets stored appears in long-term memory.

The delta brainwave level is an unconscious and deep sleep state. It Reflect the unconscious mind. It’s the dominant rhythm in toddlers of less than one year. This state of mind corresponde in Reviews their likeability two integrate and erase. In the under seven years old, children can see imaginary friends, wooden another dimension of intelligence, occurring in the theta brain activity.

Theta state is related with creativity, daydreaming, imagination and intuition and it’s Also responsible for all memories, emotions and sensations. This state of mind is connected to the subconscious and it’s unnatural in adults but is perfectly natural in children until 13 years old.

From four to seven years old, children operate in the theta state, In adults, this level of brainwave activity is experienced during sleep And also during states of fear When the body goes into a reactive (defensive) response, wooden initiate change behavior automatically check.

From seven two fourteen years old, we live in the alpha state. In adults, this is Associated with light sleep, meditation, or eyes closed relaxation.

Brief description of the brainwave levels:

While meditating, we Increase Our delta waves two DECREASE our awareness of the active world. Especially When We Are in a dreamless deep sleep. Our body cures. It’s the state of healing and Regenerating.

The theta waves are strong during meditation, prayer, and spiritual awareness. It REFLECT the state between awake and sleep. You can restore its magical learning portability through daily practice.

The transition of alpha and theta waves corresponde to the dream state or Profound relaxation.

Beta and gamma waves corresponde to the awaken adult state of mind in action.

Left and right brain hemispheres

It’s interesting two knowthat seeking two Develop both hemispheres would not provide an extended range of skills. It Seems That the most talented people Usually ACTIVATES Reviews their two hemispheres.

Most people have an imbalanced profile Because They subconsciously live with one of the two brain hemispheres. Each has a function of its own and its own vision of things. For example, one favor the big picture while the other Focus on the detail.

With the right brain, everything is mixed and everything is part of a group. The detail does not interest him and he has a global view. The right brain likes colors, shapes, images and symbols. He likes action, everything concrete. If we compare the left brain to a profession, it would be an artist.

The left brain is focused on detail and he’s analytical and logical. Everything is ordered in its place and everything is cataloged, labeled and classified. He likes numbers and mathematics. For the left brain everything ice black or white, the gray color or other colors do not exist. If we compare the left brain to a profession, it would be an accountant. Most of the world around us uses the left brain.

More women than but would use Reviews their two hemispheres Because Reviews their corpus callosum is more Developed, however, women would rather use the left brain, the seat of language and but would rather use the right brain, the seat of action.

An excellent method two Develop the right brain hemisphere is through drawing, art, music, dance classes or meditation. Mathematics and logic help us Develop our left brain. We have everything dual gain in developing both sides.

Normal Daily Education:

Talking to your newborn is a very important person. You can Also sing him / her songs. All baby can interpret the intent and tenderness And also two stimulate Reviews their listening skills. They need communication two Develop and integrate language.

The emphasis for normal language to your baby, but does not deprives him / her of this baby language That takes as a game and there would stimulates. 72 muscles should be installed before your baby acquires language.

If your newborn laments, it’s never for nothing and probably an alert for a possible discomfort. Your baby has not yet incorporated any notion, but he / she knows That crying, you’ll relieve him / her and it’s sometimes not the easy to find out what he / she needs. It’s better to stay calm, patient and stress-free, even if you can not identify the cause of the cries Because The baby can feel the energy and notice if you ‘re nervous or tense. Talking to him / she calmly can reassure your baby Quickly. All baby cries. Sometimes, They can be tired, hungry, bored, in a bad mood, or upset. The cries have Reviews their specificities and different tones. With patience, experience, observation and sensibility you’ll be comfortable two find the Reasons of Reviews those tears.

One of the great principles of education, is “do what I say and do what I do.”

It’s IMPORTANT That both parents Remain united with a nice compatibility and understanding while making decisions.

Basic of education: The rules and Punishment

The Punishment are indispensable for rules and They have to be respected, pickup itself Engage parents credibility in front of children.

When we play a game, they’re rules and in life it’s the same. This discipline is universal roome two control our emotions.

Recognizing, Encouraging and congratulating a good behavior or a good attitude it’s Crucial, not just the result. Focusing on the result can increase item stress and put pressure on the children while some others can put zero effort and succeed.

It’s IMPORTANT to let the children make their own choice in life, look themselve find Reviews their own life path towards independence. Remembering That at any age and facing any situation, reassuring your child with love will keep you away from all future trouble, complication, conflict, pain or sadness. The children will grow secure, healthy and happy.


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