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Bear Grylls Clothing Line.

I just picked up the new Bear Grylls survivor pants and thought that I would write a quick review, as I am thoroughly impressed with my recent purchase. I scoured the internet to find the same pants that bear wears in man vs wild. For a long time I could not find anything that resembled the Bear Grylls Pants. Luckily I stumbled on a Craghoppers website that had a few pairs of survival pants that looked to be the exact pair that Bear so often uses. I later discovered that Bear Grylls now has his own clothing line by Craghoppers, that features pants, shorts, shirts and outerwear.

Bear Gryll’s pants – Survival pants

Bears “survival pants” are the ones that he often wears that feature re-enforced knees, seat, and ankles. These pants are phenomenal. I picked them up from the Bear Grylls store and could not have been happier. The pants are made of a light weight material yet they are extremely rugged. Bears Survival pants are ideal for climbing, hiking, camping, kayaking and general outdoor use. His pants dry extremely quickly and are surprisingly comfortable even when they are soaking wet. I tipped my kayak while wearing these pants and found that they did not weigh me down in the water and were very comfy while wet. They did not chafe at all while they were drying.

Bear’s Survival pants have a good amount of pockets that are well designed and durable. They have just enough space to store your gear without pocket overkill. All things consider I give these pants a 10 out of 10. They are a bit pricey but in my opinion they are well worth it. I would recommend these to any outdoor enthusiast. Once you put these pants on you will want to live in them, they really are that comfortable!


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