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It really Seems as if children have Become obsessed with all the video games They havebeen playing. Each day children are engulfed with the excitement That These video games bring two Reviews their lives, but parents are becoming truly Concerned.

Many children are becoming obsessed with video games. They spend all the money They get for an allowance or birthday gifts on video games, accessories, and video game magazines. They play hours of These video games every day while at night They dream about ways two get through the next level of Reviews their favorite video game.

It Seems as if These children are turning into robots as Reviews their little fingers turnsinto tiny machines As they Become quick and Precise witheach touch of the controller. Often times, you can see Reviews their little palms sweating wheneever They are playing really Difficult levels. They can get anxiety from Reviews their hearts racing and the knots That Develop located, Reviews their stomach as playing some video games are as suspenseful as watching an extremely scary movie.

Parents feel as if These video games have taken over the lives of Reviews their children As they stare at the television screen while playing These video games. Researchers have discovered That children That play video games are effected by the way They act, think, and feel. These types of changes havebeen the subject to several intense debates and Concerns. One of the biggest Concerns ice violence due to the special effects and the Computerized graphics As they Become more and more realistic.

Of course, the Majority of parents will blame the shootings That havebeen occurring in school and all the other aggressive behavior That They have saw in a variety of television shows, movies, and video games. Psychologists feelthat children get use two seeing so much violence and after a while They begin two think thats it not suchlike a big deal. It is extremely Difficult to try That seeing violence in video games and movies will lead two violence in real life, but it is possible That individuals WHO alreadytakenusername have aggressive tendencies will be drawn two violent games and movies.

Creating a linkbetween seeing violence on video games and movies and acting violently could take years of research. In a study of children, WHO were between the ages of eight and twelve, WHO participated in watching a series of video clips That Showed several violent fighting scenes. Other video clips were full of action only, but still other video clips wereonly blank screens. While the experiment was taking place the children laid down inside of a special type of brain imaging machine That would take pictures of the brain that different times two showwhich party of the brain was working.

The study found That When the children were exposed to the violent video clips a thumb-nail size area in the brain called the amygdala was activated and the right side of Reviews their brain was extremely active. The amygdala part of the brain is best known as a fight or flight organ. When ever it senses any kind of danger, then it will prepare the individual two toilet was battle or run away. It also Causes the breathing of the individual two slow as well as the individual Becomes more aware of any type of hyperactive movements around themselve as Their blood rushes into the brain core. This study proved That violent video games can be obsessive and even addictive.


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