Best Hidden Gems on Netflix Worth Watching Right Now: Uncanny

Uncanny (2015)

If you liked Ex Machina, you’ll be right at home with Uncanny, a tight, claustrophobic movie about a brilliant roboticist named David Kressen who builds the perfect artificial intelligence. Or is it so perfect? When the robot’s behavior grows more sinister, the programmer and his newfound girlfriend, a journalist on assignment to write about Kressen’s achievements, find themselves trapped in Kressen’s cloistered living quarters/lab with an uncannily human creature who’s suddenly become painfully unpredictable.

Beautifully shot and steeped in tension you could cut with a bonesaw, Uncanny plays like a portrait of humanity on the edge of finally understanding itself, then learning what it’s uncovered could very well murder everything we’ve ever known. Okay, it’s not as depressing as that, but it’s pretty visceral all the same, and with incredible performances from everyone involved, you won’t be able to look away until the end.