Blake Freeman || One Hard Working SOB

Blake Freeman || One Hard Working SOB
Good day all… your local moderator, writer, and general cynical asshole K.M. Franck here… bringing to you some information on a great guy in the film industry I have had the pleasure of meeting a while back at a con we attended.

Blake Freeman is an asset in the film industry,  running  a gamut of genres in relation to the  projects he  has  taken on and created over the past few years. He is  noted  for films such as A  Journey to Planet Sanity, Mucho Dinero and  Noobz, but in my opinion, this hard working  SOB has  something we here at Sci Fi Junkies really like… and  that’s the gumption to tackle  projects he has personal  interest in. This may be the realm for other directors/  actors, however  Freeman takes the approach simply of  a guy that makes documentaries and films because he  is drawn to getting the information shown in his  projects across to the audience in a  deliverable, yet  appropriated way.
What the hell are you talking about? – You may be wondering… and I’ll damn well tell you.

This guy is of a different breed of artist. I know that sounds a little weird but as a fellow group  of artists of varying types, as well as gamers (primarily MMO and FPS such as SOCOM and Star Wars), the SFJ crew has found a  great deal of interest in his projects to come.


For those who have seen Noobz and/ or A Journey to Planet Sanity, it is evident that he puts a lot of effort into making the characters and representational  participants appear/ come across as relate-able to the audience. As the submitter attempted to bash Noobz on (by the way, he’s a douche bag in just about everything he puts out), it is evident that the points he attempted to make are nevertheless faulty. With a strong following of various demographics, Noobz has been reported to have a sequel in the works. Possibly Freeman will let us know on that later.

Moving on… we have enjoyed our viewing of A Journey to Planet Sanity and are reviewing Mucho Dinero (another Freeman title) with our crew now. Mucho Dinero looks hilarious, featuring Danny Trejo, Eddie Griffin, Casper van Dien, among many of our other personal favorites, especially Jon Gries.

Blake is an interesting and fundamental player in the fight for viably watchable film. Honestly, I have scratched my head and face- palmed at quite a few films and docs released lately, but in relation to this guy, I have yet to be disappointed with any of the projects he’s delved into. As far as we’re concerned, I hope the steam roll of comedic brilliance continues. We have submitted for projects with Wunderkind before and worked with a few of their partners but who knows? Maybe we will see each other on a project in the future. Nevertheless I am awaiting the next title…

As the release of Mucho Dinero approaches I await a full viewing of the film, which I have yet to have, and look forward to subsequently upchucking my reviews of it on this site and any others who accept my content.

Until then, remember that Sci Fi Junkies supplies the fix to your film addiction and Jesus was created from alien jizz.

If you haven’t seen A Journey to Planet Sanity check out the following fellow Sci Fi addicts:

A Journey to Planet Sanity


Additional Info. on Blake Freeman Films:

Mucho Dinero (2015)

Action | Adventure | Comedy  –  17 April 2015 (USA)

Not yet released

PLOT: Two “down on their luck” buddies are convinced by a third to take a vacation. Only after landing in the third world country do they realize that they are there to attempt to capture the … See full summary »


Blake Freeman


Blake Freeman, Nate Hartley (additional script material)


Danny Trejo, Mindy Robinson, Lin Shaye | See full cast and crew »

Pics for the film:

 A Journey to Planet Sanity

Blake Freeman Film - A Journey to Planet Sanity


A Journey to Planet Sanity is a reality based (Documentary) comedy debunking aliens, psychics & all things paranormal. The film follows Blake Freeman (Noobz, Mucho Dinero) who takes a 69 year old man named LeRoy, on a hilarious cross-country journey in search of the truth. LeRoy has spent his life savings on trying to protect himself from aliens and paranormal ghosts by buying gimmicks and entrusting psychics. Upon discovering LeRoy’s plight, Blake Freeman with LeRoy in tow, decides to put these…

Documentary , Comedy , Special Interest
Directed By:
Blake Freeman
Written By:
Blake Freeman
In Theaters:
Dec 6, 2013 Limited
Wunderkind Pictures – Official Site
Contributed by:

Kyle M. Franck - North Carolina Actor and Model

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  • February 7, 2015 at 4:55 am

    Awesome article! Thanks for the pic at the top from Noobz. Gears was great to work on! Good read!

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