Butt Firming Exercises – Get That Nicely Shaped Butt


Having a great butt is one of the many concerns especially of women when it comes to having a beautiful body. Of course, having a firm and well-shaped butt makes you look good in your jeans and in your swimwear as wear. If you are tire of putting that padding on, you can explore some butt firming exercises that you can do regularly to make your butt look firmer and more shapely.

Sometimes the butt area may also be full of fats especially for women who have already given birth. However, you can still find ways to get rid of those cellulite and make your butt firm just like before. Here are some of the butt firming exercises that you might want to learn to help you make a firmer butt.

The squats are among the popular exercises that helps shape your thighs, your legs as well as your butt. If you add a dumbbell during squats, you will also be building your shoulder or arm muscles.

Squat is done by standing with your feet slightly wider than the width of your shoulders and with your back straight, you can then lower yourself slowly until your things are slightly parallel to the ground. It is important to keep in mind to do your flexibility exercises before doing the squats and other butt firming exercises. This will help you avoid injuries while your muscles are being stretched.

Aside from the squats, you can also do the lunge, which is another known exercise that can help shape, firm and tone your butt as well as you legs. The lunge can be done in many ways depending on the part of your body that you want to put your focus. If you are interested in the lunge, it is done by standing with your feet shoulder apart. With one feet brought forward for a lunge. Remember always to do these slowly especially if you are adding barbells or dumbbells to your hands. As mentioned, never ever attempt to do these exercises without having a proper stretching exercise beforehand.

Leg curls are also great exercises for your butt which you can do when you are lying or you are seated. The hamstring curl is another one of the good butt firming exercises that can help you shape your butt into something more pleasant and not saggy. Other great exercises for the butt that you might want to try are the straight leg dead lifts, the wall squats as well as the back extensions.

If you have a flabby butt, you may want to consider some cardio also like cycling, swimming or walking, or you can also do interval training. It would also help you go to the gym and ask for expert’s opinion on what you need to do for the specific needs of your butt.

Keep in mind always to do your warm up exercises before getting too excited to do your butt firming exercises. This way, you will avoid injuries and still enjoy your exercises.


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