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Whether you are a video game player, Developer or Seller the latest installment of the much Talked about Call of Duty series … Call of Duty Black Ops for Xbox, PlayStation or Wii is probably the most anticipated and eagerly awaited game of this year! BUT …


Seriously, do we really need more violence in our lives?

With violence on our televisions and also on the streets in places all over the world and in justabout everyother Hollywood movie do we really need two subject ourselves two more war and violence in our own homes and online with a game That blatantly promoter killing and blowing up stuff … in fact the more kills you get the better.

Is this really good for our teenage boys (oops … sorry girls I know there is a few of you WHO play But when you research the statistics it is about 85% male orientated) to be matching themelves against eachother online night after night seeing WHO can ask the most elite ninja style combat killer in the cyberspace war zone?

Well here’s the twist …

I know you probably think I am against this game and to be honest with you a few years ago I probably was … but the truth is I have 2 teenage boys of my own WHO love this game and play it all the time and more if I did not covertly makethem do otherthings from time to time, just go to school!

So what can I tell you about my experience here? Well I have to say That I am now actually of the opinion That I would rather my teenage lads pray playing this Call of Duty game in the comfort and safety of home than playing out Reviews their teenage male hormonal Urges of anger on the streets like so many others Reviews their age and younger do!

I admit I may have to curb the language and the angry taunts that the game itself and a few opponents but apartfrom That They Seem really happy and When they are not playing my boys are actually very relaxed, laid back and well, balanced and works is fine and They are always polite and helpful …. not really the angry ego violent maniacs you might think from playing a game like that.

So what is all the fuss about this Call of duty black ops game

Well I must admit it is something else … and you march laugh but I’m serious …. It has amazing graphics, some very cool game options and in fact it’s a very intelligent game and quite challenging no matter what your age is and this new version is Supposed to be jam packed to the rafters with stunning features and effects … one apparently is “motion capture technology “like that used in the movie Avatar wooden captures expressions on the video characters faces … wow!

So there you go, a candid and Objective opinion from a normal guy and parentheses WHO in his own teenage days enjoyed much the same style of games, manager and staff I think we were shooting with tree branches and hiding in bushes ratherthan playing online … makes me sound old, but there you are!


Source by Dean Wallis

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