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  • MTV Scream Mask revealed and trailer updated

    MTV Scream Mask Takes Different Form Last year, it was revealed that MTV was ditching the iconic Ghostface mask from the Scream horror movie franchise for the new MTV series based on the Wes Craven classic. Now, that new, updated Scream mask has been revealed, and it will definitely divide old and new fans alike […]

  • New Battlefront Trailer Released with Boba Fett

    New Battlefront Trailer Released with Boba Fett  CAUTION: SPOILERS!!! Welcome back Sci Fi Junkie! Check out the latest on Star Wars Battlefront from EA Games. The trailer has been released, along with some other footage on EA’s website all filled with goodness and steamy Star Wars fun for all you addicts out there! Send us […]

  • Rick Baker Auction boasts some wonderful film props and collectibles

    Rick Baker auction includes some of our favorites from our childhood and current. Harry and the Henderson’s, Gremlins, Werewolf in Paris, Michael Jackson memorabilia… the auction has many others too! Bust out the Franklin s and get bidding! Check out the list below for a sneak at the items, also found through the lower link […]

  • X Files return to Fox for 6 episodes

    X Files return to Fox for 6 episodes The truth is right here, and it’s amazing: After 13 years off the air, The X-Files is officially returning to Fox as a limited series. Stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are back on board, along with creator Chris Carter. “I think of it as a 13-year commercial break,” […]

  • Maggie Film slated to be Schwarzenegger’s most ‘human’ role

    Maggie Film slated to be Schwarzenegger’s most ‘human’ role  Sci Fi Junkies is at it again and on a Zombie tip today. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new film ‘Maggie’ is a great humanistic approach to zombie horror and action genres. Hailing from Arnold’s page itself, we found the inside scoop on the upcoming film. Releasing later this […]

  • Horror Film in Modern Day – Relevance in a Saturated Market

    What makes a New Horror Film Good in the Modern Day? Radius TWC IF YOU’RE A horror junkie, you were probably counting the days until It Follows hit theaters. The indie horror flick has been the beneficiary of a creepy-whisper campaign of good buzz since its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival last May. But […]

  • Haunted Locations around the World – Photography

    Haunted Locations around the World – Photography Haunted Places On Earth,These real life ruins offer an eerie glimpse into a world without humans. Their dark walls inspire a sense of wonder like I’ve never felt before.The adventurous part of me is dying to explore every single one. I can only imagine the mysteries that lie just […]

  • Haunting and Chilling Views of Chernobyl , Some 30 years later

    Chernobyl – Haunting and Chilling Views, Some 30 years later Nearly 30 years have passed since the 1986 nuclear disaster in Chernobyl, Ukraine. The city has since been abandoned, yet it retains a shell of a place that once was: where memories were forged, where families lived, and where life was possible. It also presents […]

  • Harrison Ford Plane Crash

    Harrison Ford Plane Crash Today Harrison Ford, 72 year old actor and producer, crash landed onto a golf course in an effort to not totally destroy his personal plane. Ford is reported in critical condition and the sight of the plane is not pretty, to say the least. Nevertheless, we hope the fearless Millennium Falcon […]