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  • Madden 11 Tips For Football Lovers || Sci Fi Junkies

    [ad_1] If you are a football lover then Madden 11 tips will certainly entice you. Electronic Arts Developed this video game for EA Sports. The game is named after the famous footballer John Madden. What makes this game unique is its licensing deal with NFL (National Football League) and NFLPA (National Football League Players Association). […]

  • H Hour : World’s Elite on Steam || Get it Now!

     H Hour: World’s Elite About This Game H Hour: World’s Elite™ (H-Hour) is a tactical, team-based military shooter in which cooperation among players is required for success. The game uses a third person perspective to enhance the player’s situational awareness. Players can see where they are in relation to the world. This battlefield perspective allows […]

  • Dead Space Cosplay | Isaac Clarke Level 3 Suit | Complete Build

      Dead Space Cosplay Build || Because of the great response I got from my Dragon Age Inquisition  Instructable helmet build thread.   I have decided to make a full Instructible  on my DEAD SPACE Cosplay costume!!!!! This build was by far the most detailed costume/prop I have ever attempted  to create.  But, after its […]

  • Pokemon Cosplay – Art, Ideas and Builds

    Pokemon Cosplay Pokemon has been a popular cartoon, movie, anime and toy franchise since the early 1990’s, however, the up and coming style of cosplay is relatively newer on the scene atr conventions. I noticed a few years back that you may see an Ash, Misty or Brock… even variations of Jesse and James or […]

  • The Rain Couldn’t Stop Tampa Comic Con 2015

    Tampa Bay Comic Con 2015 A heavy rain poured over Tampa, Florida this weekend as Tampa Bay Comic Con began its preparation to receive thousands of geek followers to see the likes of Carrie Fischer, Sabat, the beautiful Lea Thompson and many other big names in science fiction, fantasy and horror genre movies and television! […]

  • Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay Set Out of Space

    Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay Battlefield Hardline may have cruelly been criticised as a title that felt like cops and robbers-themed DLC for Battlefield 4 by certain segments of the fan base, but no-one should expect Star Wars Battlefront to play like Battlefield in space. Despite the shared developer (DICE), team-based multiplayer classification, as well as […]

  • Galak-Z : The Dimensional to be released in August 2015

    by K.M. Franck 17 Bit Gaming announced today that the game Galak-Z : The Dimensional will be coming out on August 4th for Playstation 4 Console and possibly PC. This anime inspired game is fun and quick to learn. 17- Bit made the announcement via Twitter around 10 AM this morning asking to spread the […]

  • E3 News | The Love of Video Games Comes Out at E3

    E3 News | The Love of Video Games Comes Out at E3

    I love E3, and I don’t even play video games Seriously, I am freaking out By Chris Ziegler In my decade or so covering the consumer tech industry, I’ve seen keynotes of all shapes and sizes. I still remember the rush of writing up the news of the original iPhone, or watching Jon Rubinstein unveil […]