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  • Pokemon Anime with Naruto and Dragon Ball Z All in One

     Pokemon Anime with a touch of Naruto and Dragon Ball Z This Pokemon anime I found is an independent one and very creative… weird, but creative. Not really too sure what i just watched, but it is a mashup of Pokemon, Naruto and Dragon Ball Z style fighting. Blaine basically looks like a sidistic POS […]

  • Realistic Pokemon Art that will make you cuddle or cringe

    Realistic Pokemon Art Its not always that a realistic approach to illustrating the characters of a cartoon series really grabs your attention. Prepare to be horrified by these renditions of the cute and cuddly Pokemon you came to love as a child. Pikachu’s fat, Mr. Mime is creepy (well he kind of was already, but […]

  • Pokemon TCG Online Download

    Game Information Game Server Status: Online Release Date:Dec. 17, 2014 Current Game Version: Pokémon TCG Online Game Installer PlatformFile SizeDownloadWindows418 MBMac414 MB504 MB System Requirements WindowsMaciPad Component Minimum Requirements Recommended Specifications Operating System Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8.1 (with latest service packs) Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 (with latest service packs) Processor Intel […]

  • Nintendo Announces New Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon Games

    We’ve already seen every new Pokémon that Pokémon Sun and Moon have to offer, as part of a major info dump spread by data-mining demo players. Keep in mind, there could be more additions to Pokemon Sun and Moon prior to launch day! The Pokémon Company is hugely advertising Pokemon Sun and Moon is committed to […]

  • Pokemon GO release Date for February 2016

    The “Pokémon GO!” release date may be on February next year. It was previously reported that the “Pokémon GO!” release date will be next year. According to News Everyday, the game is rumored for an early 2016 release. Plus, it may happen on the second month of the year. Fans are so excited over the augmented […]

  • Pokemon New Season Recap

    MARK HARTEL PREMIUM0 COMMENTS Pokemon New Season Recap Hey guys!In this article I’m going to finish the remaining questions from our Q&A session. Since we thought this one went rather well – lots of good questions with room for answers that should be helpful to everyone – we’ll be looking for an opportunity to do […]

  • Pokemon Cosplay – Art, Ideas and Builds

    Pokemon Cosplay Pokemon has been a popular cartoon, movie, anime and toy franchise since the early 1990’s, however, the up and coming style of cosplay is relatively newer on the scene atr conventions. I noticed a few years back that you may see an Ash, Misty or Brock… even variations of Jesse and James or […]

  • E3 News | The Love of Video Games Comes Out at E3

    E3 News | The Love of Video Games Comes Out at E3

    I love E3, and I don’t even play video games Seriously, I am freaking out By Chris Ziegler In my decade or so covering the consumer tech industry, I’ve seen keynotes of all shapes and sizes. I still remember the rush of writing up the news of the original iPhone, or watching Jon Rubinstein unveil […]