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  • Reynolds as Deadpool and subsequent script get B Rate at best

    Deadpool Rating The screenplay to the upcoming Deadpool movie leaked online yesterday, and we had a chance to read it. Good news: It’s very close to the original comic book in tone and content. Bad news: it wouldn’t make a great movie. Spoilers ahead… So the script popped up onli ne yesterday at I Heart […]

  • The Reasons why Suicide Squad movie Will be a Great DC Release to film

    Before the world learned of DC Entertainment and Warner Bros.’ ambitious plans for their DC Movie Universe, we were hard at work trying to write up features explaining why the respective heroes (or teams) of DC Comics’ lore could be adapted into big (and successful) blockbuster films. In the past, we’ve covered why heroes like Aquaman, […]

  • Suicide Squad Cast featured all together (minus Leto) with Producers and Director

    Suicide Squad Cast featured all together (minus Leto) with Producers and Director There are a lot of questions surrounding director David Ayer’s upcoming supervillain team-up movie Suicide Squad, which gathers together an impressive cast of familiar Hollywood faces playing some of DC Comics’ most notorious criminals. Anyone wondering what it will look like when all of those actors […]

  • Leaked Suicide Squad Footage

    Leaked Suicide Squad Footage

    Sci Fi Junkies is stoked for the release of Suicide Squad and have been fortunate enough to get in on some extra information for all the Suicide Squad addicts out there. Some leaked Suicide Squad footage has fans drooling for more and the Joker has us all ready to see just how sadistic Jared Leto can […]

  • Suicide Squad || Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag

    From the Film: Joel Kinnaman is also a great actor. As an age old RoboCop fan I cannot help but have excitement to seehim fill the role of Rick Flag. Flag is an odd one in my opinion. There’s technically three of them since the original Rick Flag sacrifices himself in the original books and is followed by Rick […]

  • The Rain Couldn’t Stop Tampa Comic Con 2015

    Tampa Bay Comic Con 2015 A heavy rain poured over Tampa, Florida this weekend as Tampa Bay Comic Con began its preparation to receive thousands of geek followers to see the likes of Carrie Fischer, Sabat, the beautiful Lea Thompson and many other big names in science fiction, fantasy and horror genre movies and television! […]

  • Filth and Deviance || The ‘Suicide Squad’

    As I look upon the disgusting filth of villainy and meta human degenerates from the DC Comics Universe no group is more fulfilling of my devious needs then the Suicide Squad. Vile, brute and a just a “little” hint of crazy! These former criminals and deviants turned antihero squad harness a destructive perspective on vigilante […]

  • Warner Bros. Responds to Comic Con ‘ Suicide Squad ‘ Trailer Leak

    Warner Bros Comic Con Response In this age of social media, it’s very difficult for a highly-anticipated blockbuster film to operate completely under the cover of darkness. David Ayer’s Suicide Squad knows that all too well, as many set photos and videos of the on-location shoots leaked online while the director was filming in Canada. Ayer […]

  • Adam Beach as Slipknot in DC Suicide Squad

    Ever since the cast of Suicide Squad was first announced to include A-listers Will Smith, Viola Davis, and Jared Leto, expectations for David Ayer’s villain team-up increased dramatically. Once thought to be little more than a niche movie idea – one that Warner Bros. would be reluctant to actually bring to the big screen – Suicide Squad has quickly […]

  • Suicide Squad trailer || The DC Villains Are Here to Destroy!

    The official Suicide Squad trailer that debuted at Comic-Con 2015 and later leaked online is now online officially! And let’s be honest: With this trailer, DC and Warner Bros. are changing the game with their DC Extended Universe (DCEU). Besides featuring the first team of of comic book villains to lead a major blockbuster movie, and occupying a […]