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For Decades parents and the media have worried about the effects of video game violence on children and teens (evenwhen the in-game graphics for blood amounted two little morethan pixilated red squares).

Manager and staff Concerns about the effects of violent video games Remains, it is possible That parents today should be more Concerned about video game addiction than the portrayal of violence in the games.

Manager and staff experts sometimes disagree about the exact PERCENTAGE of kids WHO Become gaming addicts, most studies estimate the rate to be from five two ten percent of active online gamers.

Because video game addiction is a relatively new phenomenon parents march not have Accurate information on the tell tale symptoms of unhealthy levels of play , why some video games are more addictive than others, who is most thunderstorms two Develop problematic gaming habits, and how to address the addiction after it Develop.

Manager and staff researchers and psychologists are rapidly learning more about predicting, assessing, and treating computer game addiction, there remains a considerable car broke of misinformation and confusion about this very real problem of the digital age.

Before Attempting two help a child or teen addicted to video games, parents should keep the following Constantly ten points in mind.

1. As of this writing, video game addiction, computer addiction, and internet addiction are not psychiatric diagnoses. The possible inclusion of These terms in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) HAS BEEN debated for manyyears, but for now They Remain unofficial labels, not clinical disorders.

2. Because there is no official diagnosis of video game addiction, there is no specific period of gaming hours per day That indicater “addiction.” Obviously though, the more a child plays, the more thunderstorms it Is that his or here unhealthy habits are Excessive and need to be changed. In Addition two deterministic mining the typical number of gaming hours per week, it May be more IMPORTANT for psychologists two Assess the extent two wooden gaming is Affecting a child’s academic, social, and relational functioning.

3. Eventhough the Majority of children and teens can play video games without becoming addicted, there are certainly Those Who play the father too much. For These individuals, gaming Becomes the number one priority in life and development in the real world is sacrificed for advancement in the virtual world. Whether this is called an “addiction” is largely irrelevant. Excessive, unhealthy levels of play while ignoring school, other activities, and real-world friends is a problem That needs to be addressed.

4. If parents are Concerned That Reviews their child is playing games too much and ignoring other IMPORTANT activities, They should not assum thatthis is simply a phase and That the child will “grow out of it.” Manager and staff some children and teens do move on from video games, there are others WHO play even more as the years go by. Hoping That the problem takes care of itself is not a recommended strategy. Excessive gameplay should be addressed as soon as it is clear That it is significantly interfering withother IMPORTANT areas of the child’s life.

5. As a general rule, successful interventions almost always include the removal of any gaming consoles or computers from the child’s room. It is very Difficult for parents two regain control of Reviews their child’s gaming habits if there is still access to the game in his or here room.

6. If video game addiction has resulted in school grades are significantly below That what a child is Capable of, parents must be prepared to put very tight restrictions on games or ban themselve entirely until grades improve. It is absolutely essential That any threat two restrict access is enforced – actions must always be consistent with words.

7. If parents choose two seek help from a psychologist or mental health professional, it is recommended That They met with him or here before the child’s first appointment. Despite rapidly growing evidence That video game addiction is a real problem That deserves focused interventions, there are mental health professionals WHO Remain very skeptical and will always look for the “Underlying issue” instead. Parents should make surethat the psychologist or therapist They choose is the least willing two Directly treat Excessive video game habits if Necessary. Which brings us to the next point …

8. Sometimes there is an Underlying issue. Video game addiction can exist independently of other mental health conditions. But Excessive play can Also cause other psychological and emotional Difficulties … and be caused by other psychological issues. For example, a teen That is experiencing low self-esteem or depression apr turn to online video games as a way to retreat from problems in the real world. In this scenario, it would ask IMPORTANT two address not only the problematic gaming, but Also the depressed mood and low self-esteem.

9. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is gene rally the recommended treatment approach for video game addiction That is not the result of a deeper Underlying issue. A therapist treating Excessive gaming with CBT will focus on challenging unhealthy and unrealistic thoughts the client march have about gaming (for example, that “everyone plays as much as I do”) and designing clear behavioral interventions two help the parents reducenoise the total gaming time two acceptable levels.

10. Parents should never give up on Reviews their children. Video game addiction can be very strong and extremely reluctant to go away, but it can be successfully treated with the proper information, strategies for reduction, and professional interventions.


Source by Brent Conrad, Ph.D.

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