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Birthday events, Halloween parties, even television variety shows and corporate events can be enlivened by the appearance of clowns. Along with a perky personality, one other thing a person should have when appearing at events as a clown is a costume. A typically funny and friendly clown who’s full of antics may be garbed in a colorful blue and white long-sleeved jumpsuit adorned with polka dots and rainbow-colored collar. If you want to perk up your own child’s birthday party and be the clown, you can choose from a quality assortment of authentic clown costumes.

Most young kids are suddenly gripped by fear upon seeing clowns, so for a kiddie birthday party, make sure you choose a friendly clown costume matched with a gentle and amiable voice. You may opt for a red or blue wig and a hat with floral accent, a multicolored jacket and plaid pants, vest, and bow tie. An alternative may be a red jumpsuit with polka dots with yellow wig. You’ll surely charm your kids when you perform tricks and gags dressed in one of the most delightful clown costumes suited for a birthday event. If you want to be a simple clown, a simple shirt and pair of baggy pants with suspenders and a friendly clown mask may suffice. Accessorize with. Big bright colored gloves and a bandana that can be tied around the neck, and knot a bunch of large colored handkerchiefs then let them stick out from your pocket.

Get your kid into a fun party spirit by dressing up the tot in a clown outfit as well. Again, there are so many clown costumes for kids that you can put together yourself, or which you can purchase from a costume shop. A little boy may attend a carnival-themed party dressed in blue polyester shirt coordinated with red pants with suspenders adorned with yellow, blue, red and green polka dots. A yellow foam hat with red trim accent may complete the look. An alternative kiddie clown outfit may be a one-piece jumpsuit with tie-die pattern coordinated with a blue tie and a hat with bright yellow yarn hair attached to it.


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