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If you are a beginner at buying collectible watches, there are several things that you need to know. The experts at watch collecting have several tips that can help. You need to protect yourself from possible frauds, and be able to select the most valuable watch available.

If you are looking for a quality used watch that has collectible value, make sure that you are ready to inspect each one that you come across. If you have access to a watchmaker or jeweler’s magnifying glass, this will better equip you in determining the value of the watch. There are several things to look for that you may not notice with your eyes alone.

Take a close look at each part of the watch for signs of age. The dials, bands, and the face of the watch may have some wear and tear, and that is actually a good thing. A truly authentic, old, collectible watch is going to have a bit of tarnish and, perhaps, some scratches. If the watch looks rather worn, chances are it is authentic.

Sometimes older watches will be polished or refurbished. This can actually reduce the value of the watch by a large percentage. Finding a watch that has not been polished will be more profitable for you than an old watch that has been shined up. Scratches and other distinguishing marks add value to your collectible watch, so don’t polish them even after you purchase them.

Old, used watches might still have the original band on them. That is good, and will add to the value of the watch as a collectible. If the watch does not have the original band, it probably will not take away too much from the overall value, especially if the band is old. The best bet is to buy a watch with the original band on it.

Finally, if you feel that you have thoroughly inspected the watch, and feel that it would make a profitable addition to your collection, ask for documentation. A certificate of origin should be available, to verify that you are purchasing an authentic watch. Once you practice determining the authenticity and value of a collectible watch, you can go out and do it over and over again.

When you are ready, you can sell the watches for a profit, or you can pass them along to a trusted friend or family member to allow the value to go up even further with more time.


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