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Almost every gamer have dealt with this troublesome freeze problem. It suddenly happens when you are playing games. Then your computer locks up and even does not respond to Alt-Ctrl-Del type commands. And this problem is stubborn and keeps happening frequently. How to stop computer from freezing?

To fix the annoying problem, you need take several steps below.

Firstly, you should check your Computer Configuration and the game specification. Did you adjust the settings of the game to the specification? Can the game run on the system that you are using? Do the CPU, RAM and Video Card meet the basic requirements of the game (higher hardware configuration is preferable)?

The listed above terms can lead to your computer freeze problem. If your computer configuration does not meet the requirements in the game specification, you will need to upgrade them correspondingly.

But if there is no problem with your computer configuration and you have already upgraded your system and hardware, your trouble probably results from the commonest problem – registry errors! You may be startling by this hidden but important part of your Windows system and wonder how it can impact your computer to such an extent.

Registry contains all crucial system information of your computer including settings and data of your programs, software, driver and games. All the information usually is saved in registry keys and entries. They are directives of your system and all the applications installed on your computer. They control how your computer starts up, shuts down and how to run a program and games.

You can know how important the role that your registry plays in your computer performance and stability. But the keys and entries are easily damaged and corrupted by your incorrect operations, unsuccessful application uninstall, virus and so on. Without certain maintenance, your registry then will be loaded with registry errors overtime.

Then there comes the problem. You may experience low computer performance, slow computer, program not responding, freezes and even crash. That is the reason why your computer locks up when you are playing games. How to fix the problem? You need to repair all the registry errors. Using a registry cleaner is the safest way to solve your computer freezes that are caused by the registry errors.


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