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Check out the great cosplay costumes in our cosplay gallery covering any genre from hundreds of conventions around the world! If your into anything Sci Fi, Horror, Anime, or Fantasy… you’ll find something in our cosplay gallery.


Sci Fi Junkies strives

If you would like to contribute your cosplay photograsphy to our site please send photos attached in an email to || We encourage contributors to be friendly here. This means no nudity or foul images as submissions, they will be discarded immediately. We strive to provide a fun and sexy new way of seeing all your favorite cosplay costumes, models, and build information. Thanks!

The following are some helpful links to guide you on your start to building out your dream cosplay.  Please feel free to check out the rest of the articles on our site about cosplay and comment/ share whatever you wish. Sci Fi Junkies is more than just a news and information site, we really want to supply a community of like minded individuals who fiend for Sci Fi, Fantasy and Horror. Thanks for visiting!

Helpful Links:

A Beginner’s Guide to Cosplay and Pepekura

Beginner’s Guide to EVA Foam Costumes

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