Cosplay Girls || Sci Fi Junkies Gallery

In the world of conventions and meetups for anime, sci fi and fantasy enthusiasts, the cosplay girls have really overdone themselves.

Not to say the Boys of cosplay don’t hold their own… we have a page for them too! Here. Enjoy the gallery below of cosplay girls and comment on all things cosplay or cosplay build related at the bottom of the post! Thanks for Viewing.

cosplay girls
Jinx Cosplay – League of Legends

Moving on… I have met so many people over the years at conventions and meetups for cosplayers. I love it. The main reason I even go into cosplay in the first place is the social part of it…. you know, minus the actually having to be me entirely. I usually cosplay Pokemon things or anime but I have recently been on a medieval kick lately, crafting leather armor and cosplay from EVA foam.

As I meet new people and photograph conventions (I do take photo submissions also, see bottom of page) – I try to compile everything into galleries for your viewing pleasure.
Most of these photos are from conventions like NYCC, San Diego Comic Con, Animazement, Wizard World, and Tampa Bay Comic Con, among many others… but you get the idea! I meet many cosplay girls and guys, a lot of them standout, and I am eager to post them here (with permission) for others to see.

So, this is going to be a constantly updated Cosplay Girls page, just like the guys, couples and group cosplay sections will be.



So enjoy the gallery and comment below about what you thought were the best ones featured.