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It has always been a great fancy dress tradition to dress up like a celebrity. Legends like Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, Madonna, Bob Marley and Elton John never seem to lose their popularity.

Amy Winehouse is the latest celebrity to inspire a fancy dress craze. Her tight pencil skirts, love of leopard print, tattoos, dramatic make-up, and of course outrageously large beehive, have inspired fancy dress party goers and Karaoke addicts to recreate her unique look and transform themselves into this hell-raising singing sensation!

Until fairly recently, getting the “Amy Winehouse look” would have involved shopping around on the high street, or raiding the back of your wardrobe to find similar looking clothes. Once you had found your outfit, you would then have to contend with the hair.  Now, if you happened to be blessed with a head full of luscious flowing locks and you had the time and know-how, then you would probably be able to create a reasonably decent beehive. 

However, for those of us not blessed with the hair of Rapunzel and the talent of Toni & Guy we would then face a conundrum; how to get that Amy Winehouse beehive just right?   Well, the good news is that this problem was resolved in early 2008 with the introduction of the ‘Amy Winehouse Rehab Wig’.  

In addition to this, you can now forget about the tortuous task of putting the outfit together yourself, because following on from the huge success of this now very popular wig, the ‘Amy Winehouse Rehab Costume’ was released earlier this year. You can even purchase temporary replicas of Amy’s most popular tattoos.

Combine all this with some thick black eye-liner and a pair of stilettos to make even Blake take a second glance! It’s a surefire way to stand out from the crowd at any fancy dress party.


Source by David A Robinson

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