Can DiCaprio finally win something?

DiCaprio Oscar Win - We hope to see one!

Will we see Leo DiCaprio win something at the Oscars for once with playing a multiple personality having criminal rapist?

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We all know that Leo is the man. He’s played some of the best roles, in some of the best films. But he has never seemed to impress the powers that be quite enough to win an Oscar.

It’s difficult to know what more they could possibly want from him, but perhaps his next film could finally sway them.
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DiCaprio will be playing the part of Billy Milligan in the upcoming ‘The Crowded Room’. The reason this will stand out so much, is because by playing this one role, he will actually cover 24 different personalities.

Sounds weird, right? Billy Milligan became (in)famous in the late 70’s, when his court case became big news.

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Milligan’s mugshot.

He was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder, and his legal team claimed that two of his alternate personalities committed the crimes (rape and armed robbery}, and he had no idea.

A handful of his alternate personalities include:
Arthur, a sophisticated science and medicine expert from England.
Ragen, who was the ‘keeper of the hate’, a Yugoslavian that apparently carried out the robbery and spoke in a Slavic accent.
Allen, a con man and manipulator.
Adalana, a lesbian, cooks and cleans house for the others, and writes poetry, also who committed the rapes.
Phil, a thug that took part in planning crimes.
Bobby, who dreams of adventure and solving a global crisis.

As you can see, there is a lot of variation in characters, so Leo will have his work cut out. But he is THE man, and will no doubt absolutely smash it, and FINALLY get that Oscar.

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