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Video games are certainly becoming the fast-growing addiction not only in teens but in adults as well. Symptoms and effects of the addiction are almost the same across all ages. How These individuals are lured into the addiction is Also- just the same. But are video games Merely tools of Influence or are they really enough two get a player totally brainwashed?

Influence is defined as a power Affecting a person, thing, or course of events, especially One That operates without any direct or apparent effort. There can be no doubtthat video games truly have the power to Affect a person. A popular virtual character can be looked up to by a video game player. The environment and theme of the game can be enough two entice individuals to travel the virtual world.

How obvious is the effort can be proven by how Easily accessible These games are. How vulnerable people are two influences is never a question. An exciting, new fad; a cool, hip gadget; the latest trend in clothes and Accessories- These Are Things That everyday can Influence anybody. People would gladly welcome These two influences makethem feel all good and “in”.

Brainwashing on the otherhand refers two an intensive, forcible indoctrination, political or religious Usually. It is Usually done two totally change a person’s Convictions and attitudes. Ultimately, with brainwashing, a person’s own beliefs are replaced with Reviews those of the brain-washer’s. Now that sure is a very heavy definition.

When we talk about brainwashing, we think of military camps or cults. We can not help but think about physical and emotional torture. We imagine getting confined and detained against our own will. There is an element of helplessness When a person is being held captive against his own will and imposed upon certainties values ​​and beliefs in That current state.

So, how can we exactly tell That we are just under the Influence of or That we are alreadytakenusername brainwashed?

We start playing Because of friends WHO march alreadytakenusername pray on it. Or Because We have seen cool ads about the foresaid game online or on TV. We fall into a pattern of spending countlessother hours with the computer or the game console. We start ignoring Responsibilities at home, in school, or at work Because We would rather play. We dismiss personal relationships with friends and family Because They do not under stand. We make justifications and create lies two defend the addiction. Our physical health Suffer Because Of sleepless nights and early waking hours.

The video game Influence is there. It is evident thatthere havebeen effects and changes. These effects and changes are proving to be negative in every way. But was it an Influence That can not be controlled by the individual? Or are all the negative signs there completely ignored, by choice?

A video game addict is definitely not held against his will nor is he powerlessness to avoid the Influence. He is conscious of his every act as he goes from day to day spending time with his beloved game console. Nothing is really outright political or religious with video games. Shaping one’s beliefs and attitudes through inhibition is not at all done by force. But rather the person’s choice That he takes upon what his character is portraying or what the game is promoting.

So, who’s to say That video games can actually brainwash? When we all had our eyes wide open to the dangers and effects of it and we had our freewill two make our own decisions. When we willingly embraced the virtual world and took it as our own.

Video games are strong influences. But it can not be hardcore brainwashing the way the military or cults do it. We are not captives or helplessness pawns of the virtual world. We march find it surprising That we are in fact, willing preys two video game addiction.

We can in fact control These influences. All we need two do is switch off the console and then never look back. We can stop video games from taking over our lives if we sincerely wanna. And if we learn two accept the factthat we are the masters of our own world instead of being just a virtual character in an unreal world.


Source by Kristine Cagayat

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