Dog Dandruff Home Remedy Solutions


A pet could help you relieve your stress after a long day in the office. Dogs and horses are among the most loyal of animals. The good thing is that he is not going to judge you but the clothes you wear or your looks. He is just going to love you for what you are.

So I guess you are duty bound to take care of your pet and groom him. If dog is overweight and has oily skin then dandruff are an obvious thing. Try to see what are you feeding your pet. Half of the problem could be taken care of by buying pet foot. Remember that your dog isn’t a child and cannot eat everything which your baby can eat. So don’t try to offer those pastries which your little ones long for to your pets. Its not just the food but also water which all living things need. Your dog needs to have a lot of water as well. If your dog hates water then make sure you take extra care to ensure that the dog has plenty of it.

Isn’t that an inexpensive home cure of a problem? Go ahead and buy some good dog food. Special biscuits and bones are a must to pamper him. If your dog likes to spend too much time in the water pool or you would prefer it that way then the skin gets extremely dry. Its like having the skin become devoid of its oil. It can happen to humans as well if you soak you legs in hot water for a long time. Also make sure that you rinse all the shampoo from your pet. A good way to make whether you have left shampoo would be to try and smell your dog. And then you have to use a pet comb to groom your pet up. Use a special flea comb. It is not going to cost you much. You can even use your old comb. Whatever you do make sure you don’t use your human shampoo.

A cheaper way would be to try to give your dog a good brushing. During the winter seasons and in cold places your pets would like to hang around close to warmer areas and in particular the fire places. So a good humidifier would help. What happens is that due to change in the weather your dog begins to flake. A good thing would be to add some fish oil to her diet. If nothing helps then please go see a vet.


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