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Wigs can be great accessories to sport but selecting the right wigs can be quite a confusing task. While choosing wigs you may often be confused by the variety offered to you. This mostly happens because you are not aware of the variety that would work out well on your face. Wigs are available in a wide variety, lengths and colors. You can sport them in several styles as well. But what forms the most important part in choosing wigs is the shape of your face. Let’s see for ourselves how we can simplify the process of choosing wigs according to the shape of our face:

For square shaped facial structure you should choose a kind of wig that swings towards your face. It will help you to hide the square angles that sit tight around your jaws. The main idea of getting a wig for this kind of face is to soften the jaw lines as well as minimize the square angle.

For round shaped facial structure you should choose wigs that will make your face look slimmer. The longer hairstyles are considered to be appropriate for this kind of faces.

For those who have pear shared face, the wigs should be selected in such a manner that they help you show the wider part of your forehead. The main aim of these kinds of wigs is to narrow the chin part and show more of the forehead to highlight your face. With pear shaped faces you should never choose wigs that will focus on your jaw line.

For heart shaped facial structure, you should always choose wigs that that have smooth, soft and curly bangs. If you opt for the curls make sure it is soft enough so that your jaws and chin appears fuller.

There are many other facial structures which can be well complemented with several wigs. Make sure you analyze your facial structure carefully and then decide on purchasing the wigs.


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