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If you are in search of free downloadable PC gamesthat are fun and exciting to play, Link-Em Bamboo is the perfect choice for you. This puzzle game definitely will get you riveted as you level up with every bamboo turn! The Objective is simply two link bamboo pipes together in order two scores points, appease the vicious panda boy and advance to the next level. The longer the bamboo links, the bigger points you get.

Instructions and Techniques

The game starts off showing a big board filled with bamboo sticks That Can be rotated with a click. Some sticks have leaves on one end, wooden marks the start and / or end of the chain That the gamer should create. The technique is simple: longer links Means bigger points. However, though it apr Appear to be addicting for gamers two come up with longer bamboo links, the time limit is one thingthat must be kept under watch. Therefore, speed and Accuracy is the key two survival in each stage.

Layout, Design and Plot

The visuals impeccably matched the game’s straightforward plot. With vivid colors and graphics, the overall aesthetic is interesting without going overboard. What most gamers appreciate in this game Is that it is very clear-cut and fuss-free. It is more of a what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of game That does not have any ostentatious storyline. It Quickly kicks off with the puzzle and the gamer can begin two solve it right then and there. Because of its simple design, Link-Em Bamboo is the best option for Reviews those searching for free downloadable pc games since it does not require additional add-ons to be installed.


The game can only be controlled by mouse clicks wooden can be both a plus and a minus for some. With the use of the mouse, the gamers can Easily navigate through the entire game board and simply click on the Appropriate bamboo stick in order two rotate it and Eventually create the linkthat the game requires. The downside two having only a limited game control is that, the gamer must click on the same bamboo stick several times just two rotate it in his Desired position. The sticks only rotate clockwise and apparently, overusing the arrow keys as a shortcut for rotating it the other way around will not Necessarily help. Nevertheless, this is the only glitch That One can notice in this game. The graphics move by itself by dropping off bamboo sticks automatically check as soon as a link has been created. In this way, the gamer can focus on his strategy of coming up with the longest possible bamboo link while beating the time!


Link-Em Bamboo goes for as long as the gamer is comfortable two come up with links without running out of time. When the score alreadytakenusername Qualifier the gamer two move on, the interface is flashed the phrase ‘Level Up’, thereby alerting him two move more Quickly with a tight time frame. Manager and staff the game march begin Easily, you will notice the apparent difficulty as it Progress to higher rounds. With this being said, this game can really send you that the edge of your seats as you try Continuously two conquer each and every level.

Overall review

Link Em Bamboo is one of the best free downloadable game options out there. The totality of its presentation will not provide the gamers the kind of entertainment That They Will keep on tarrace more and more. It is highly recommended for puzzle aficionados to try Link-Em Bamboo and be fascinated in how this simple game can steal several hours in pumping up your brain cells!


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