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Today, the internet is choc a block filled with virtual girls games which can be seen from the fact that when you conduct a search on online games, you will find that there more than 200,00,000 gamers playing games over the internet today. At least fifty percent of them are female gamers. In fact, girls of all ages love to play games on the internet and this fact has not been lost on video game developers who are providing more and better games that girls can play.

There are different games out there including dress up games which allow the girl player to do some experimentation with various kinds of attire and accessories. The goal is to create as many different kinds of looks as is possible. The most popular characters are Bratz and Barbie based characters.

There is also plenty of makeover games that girls can get to play. These games primarily allow players to change the attire and accessories of a particular character and also focus on making changes to makeup including hairstyles. Such games are perfect for teenage female players. Examples of these games include those such as Fantasy Pony, Naughty Nails, and the Mad Hatter Extreme Makeover.

There are also celebrity games that are aimed at providing girls a chance to dress up their favorite actor and singer in any way they like. Some versions allow for gearing up a favorite actor/singer to make them ready for their next gig.

Dragon Ball Z Games are also very popular. At one time these games were quite special and were not very popular in the US but all that has changed. These days, there are new titles being released with much more frequency and this is actually flooding the market. Tenkaichi Tag Game is the latest game to be released for use on the Sony PlayStation Portable. At the very least, this game differs from earlier ones because it is much more innovative.


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