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Research has shown that to have better orgasms, prolonged foreplay is necessary during sex. Sometimes foreplay just get too boring with just kisses and caressing, therefore couples can make the foreplay more interesting and sexually desirable by playing some sex games with one another.

Role playing as sex games can be very fun and erotic provided you and your lover act out the roles seriously. Let us just discuss some of the role playing sex games that you can play with your lover to prolong your foreplay:

1. The Bitchy Nurse. In this game, the woman will take up the role as a nurse and get dressed up with white panties, stockings, bra, and mini skirt. The man will take up either the role of a doctor or a patient. In this role playing game, if the man is the patient, he needs to be absolutely submissive to the “nurse” while she examines him. The “nurse” can ask to stroke his manhood to make sure that it is functioning well. To make it more exciting, she can ask to collect some semen sample and the “patient” need to think of different ways to give it to her.

2. The Chauffeur and Lady Boss. For the game, the man will act as a loyal chauffeur who is always having naughty thoughts about his boss. The game starts with the “chauffeur” driving his lady boss around to a sex shop. The man will remain in the car while the woman will go down to purchase a sex toy and keep it a secret at least till dinner. The woman should continue to arouse the “chauffeur” interest and curiosity by keep on teasing him. When she feels that it is the right time, she can demonstrate the sex toy at the back of the car to have him look at her from the car mirror. This will make the both of you absolutely horny and an explosive sex is waiting for you.

There are just too many different role playing games around, from police and thief, to soldier and female officers. It is all up to your imagination and how you perform the roles out to achieve maximum sexual anticipation.

These are a few sex games ideas to get you going. But for a full, sizzling collection of many more sex games, check out the website below:


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