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The Sigil of House GoliathHouse Goliath is one of the six houses whom make their home in the “Hive house goliathCity” part of Hive Primus, the capital of Necromunda. The Goliath’s domains are situated unfavourably in the Hice City, occupying the lowest and harshest areas, close to the Underhive. As a result, most Goliaths are notoriously tough and robust by necessity, and they view everybody else as soft and weak.

The members of the house are often seen as barbaric by everybody else in the Hive, the members of House Escher being the most vocal in this belief. Indeed, many of the Goliath’s traditions, like the fighting pits and the Feast of the Fallen do very little to disprove these beliefs, giving the impression of a violent and brutal people inimical to their neighbours and rivals alike.

The Goliaths have a preoccupation with physique, and their style of clothing is often designed to reveal as much of their bulging muscles as possible. This style of dress usually incorporates large amounts of metal chains and bracers. Most Goliaths also wear their hair in a mohawk.



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Pudełko zawiera 1 gangleader, 1 heavy, 4 gangers i 2 juves do samodzielnego złożenia i pomalowania. Czas oczekiwania około 2 tygodnie od momentu zaksięgowania wpłaty.


house goliath
The Sigil of House Goliath

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