How Drinking Water and Walking Effectively Prevent Diseases


What you eat and even what you breathe in can contain harmful chemicals. Because of fatty foods, they may contain toxins that stick to your digestive system. Also, pollution may bring with it chemicals that, once inhaled, damage your system. Eventually, these substances can result in diseases such as cancer. To prevent this from happening, you can perform two simple things that can change the whole situation altogether. Believe it or not, drinking water and just walking are already great starts to a healthy life.

Drinking Water Can Prevent Diseases

Because toxins and other deposits harm your system, they can make way for diseases. This is done by weakening your immune system to the point where viruses and bacteria can infect you. Once they’re inside, these deposits provide the conditions for these carriers of disease to survive! One health tip is to drink a lot of water.

The science behind water as preventing diseases lies in the fact that it is what your body consists of. Water stimulates digestion and also carries fluids around. This can easily detach toxins and the deposits from your system so you can let them out through excretion.

Drink plenty of water so that your body systems can be continuously cleaned. Be careful that your water must be distilled and free from harmful substances. You wouldn’t want to infect your body further.

Walking Helps Strengthen Your Immune System

Simply walking a lot can help your body immune system work better. Since walking is not an abrupt activity, your body learns to recycle the energy and thus your system, especially your metabolism, becomes faster. As your blood begins to quickly flow, you can easily transport antibodies to sites of viruses. This is a form of a ‘strengthened immune system’ that walking can do. The change in activity is not abrupt as to induce pain and stress on your part.

Besides walking, other exercises can help you maintain your body system and consequently, your immunity that way. Always remember to take rest after every work out.

There is more to just drinking water and walking. These two taken-for-granted tasks actually keep your body healthy. Keep this in mind whenever you drink a glass of water or even take a walk to the park. You are actually helping your body systems being cleansed and stay active. This makes you have a great start to the healthy lifestyle you want.


Source by Michael C Miller

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