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Accessories are great, they can be the finishing touch to an outfit or make a statement in their own right. They can add colour or texture to an outfit or even change its shape or focus completely. But like anything in life, you can get too much of a good thing and too many accessories can make an outfit look cluttered, too busy or just plain wrong. Looking stylish is all about balance, your outfit should look balanced from your hat right down to the shoes you wear in terms of colour, texture, pattern, shape and volume. So how do you know how many accessories are too many? and how can you achieve the perfectly accessorised outfit?

Well, to a certain extent, this is one of those ‘how long is a piece of string?’ type of questions. What looks good is subjective and will be different for different people. For example one person may prefer an eclectic look with layers of beaded necklaces whilst and lots of bright colours whilst another will prefer a minimalist outfit in neutral colours. Personal style and which look that you are trying to achieve will be important when deciding which accessories to wear.

There is a saying that many people stick too that advises you to remove one accessory just before leaving the house and for those of us who tend to overdo things this could well be a good idea. Another good idea is just to look at yourself very carefully in the mirror. Stand well back so that you can see the whole of your outfit at once. De focus your eyes slightly and imagine that you are looking at someone else. Do the shapes, colour and pattern of the outfit all look right.

There are some accessories which serve an important function and just cannot be discarded completely like perhaps shoes, a handbag and a belt. It is then a case of deciding how noticeable these accessories should be. As a general rule you should not wear more than one statement accessory at once. A statement accessory, is an accessory that makes a statement in some way be it by being sparkly, brightly coloured or unusually large. For example a bright red pair of shoes, large collar necklace and bead embellished clutch bag will probably look too much together. If you accessories are more subtle then you probably can get away with wearing more of them and perhaps even layering them on.

As usual when accessorising you need to pay attention to the big picture as well as the detail. Much will depend on where you are going. A work outfit will tend to work best with just one or two very subtle accessories a weekend outfit may be much more accessorised. The type of clothes that you choose to wear will also define how many accessories will look right. Generally fairly plain and simple clothes can look good with more accessories than clothes that are busy or already making a style statement in their own right.


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