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What is this raging anger? It is an impulsive tsunami-like emotion, with a tendency to spin out of control. In its grip this raging anger causes physical and mental damages, and projects an unflattering image to the society. This emotion is universal and not restricted to any gender. This state of anger manifests in clenching of fists, shuddering, muscle tensing and the voice reaching a crescendo. Recognized, as the old caveman syndrome from the earliest human history, it starts from many minor and major annoyances and irritations, such as, hatred, envy, jealousy, class distinctions, diversity in color, creed, conventions and the traditions.

These may act as tiny rivulets, small rivers join to gather momentum like a tsunami of uncontrolled outburst of anger. This person loses his composure totally and becomes a pathetic exhibit of humanity. Unfortunately, the frail human body cannot take this emotional punishment. Occasionally this raging anger causes even paralysis or heart attack. This is a very huge price to pay for any individual. To avoid effectively the cited situation, one must be moderate in temperament or cultivate the friendships of people who thinks twice before any action.

Effective Diffusion Strategies:

Find out first, whether one has a predisposition to be angry. If that is the case, for his own benefit he should seek anger management counseling by himself or with the help of a friend or a family member. He can resort to diversion strategies, such as, shut up immediately when agitated, or to move away from the place of conflict, or count 1 to 100, or retire to bed, take a walk away from that environment, shift focus to other thoughts, attend a humorous drama or movie with friends. He has to have his own space and time to regain his composure. Never to be succumbed by this stupid impulse again. Sustained efforts have to be in place as a guard to stay calm, to pursue whatever he desires. It is our duty to teach younger generation to be moderate in thought and action always. Our ancestors taught, patience, prudence, courage to handle our emotions for our benefit.

A clear and clean mind can achieve any high goal it sets forth to accomplish. Allow it to contribute!


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