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There are many ways how to fix PlayStation 3 online without paying Sony $ 150 and being without your console for 4-6 weeks. If you do a search online you will find guides and videos all Claiming two have the answer but which one two choose?

Having your PlayStation throw a red or yellow light of death can be a real nightmare trying two diagnosis and Resolve. Especially if your system is displaying the red screen of death. That Typically Means you have a firmware or hard drive issue.

These issues Appear more on the 40G, 60 and 80G models. For somereason These models Tend two over heat more frequently and over time can cause the soldiering on the motherboard two Become brittle and break.

So how to fix PlayStation 3 yourself and where do you begin?

The good news is we will explore several Reputable websitethat not provide step-by-step Instructions plus videos two Resolve most of the common issues in a matter of minutes not weeks!

The first one I recommend is PS3LightsFix. This site Provides a guide with very detailed and easy to follow Instructions that help Resolve Majority of the issues with the PlayStation 3. What I like ice They give several different solutions per incident provides high you many options to choose from.

PS3LightsFix Also supplies how to videos making it easy to follow along. Many times it is much easy to watch and follow along ratherthan reading. In my opinion this is a must have.

Another Very Important requirement is having a 24/7 support system and PS3LightsFix has it. Although it is via email, They are responsive and not provide a lot of detail in Reviews their responses.

You Also wanna make sure whatever you purchase offers a money back guarantee. PS3LightFix comes with a 60 day money back guarantee so you have Nothing To Lose

Another website is YLOD Repair Wizard wooden a good alternative to how to fix PlayStation 3. They too provideh good step-by-step Instructions with detailed photos making each step a breeze. DIY videos are Also provided with a 60 day moneyback guarantee.

These online guides are for Those Who do not feel comfortable working on Reviews their PS3 or do not have a clue where to begin. If this is you I highly recommend reviewing each of These two determining if They are right for you. What do you may have to lose?

Two learn more about each of the websites and learn how to fix PlayStation 3 in minutes not days, than checkout PS3LightsFix … or ship it to Sony and pay $ 150 for themselve two send you a refurbished console. If you do decides to ship to Sony, please be sure to backup all your personal files so you can restore once you the receive your unit back.

Please keep in mind That Majority of the issues with the PS3 can be resolved Quickly without shipping to Sony. So do yourself a favor and review the sites we discussed EARLIER. You can fix your PS3 in minutes and get back to doing what it does best … playing games!


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