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Have you considered dressing up as a cute bumblebee for this Halloween? Well, many persons consider the bumblebee costume a childish outfit, but you are about to change your mind if you read on. You need a nice black stretch mini dress, which you will transform with the help of a few accessories into a very nice ensemble for Halloween. First, you need to personalize the dress. This means that you will need to apply some yellow stripes on it. You will need around six satin bands of golden color, which you will apply starting from under the chest and until the waistline of the dress.

The satin bands should ideally be around one and a half inch wide. Either use fabric adhesive, or sew them yourself onto the dress. Place the bands at one and a half inch distance between them. It definitely takes some patience and some skilled hands, but you will soon realize that your simple black dress has revived with color. This will be your basic bumblebee costume, which you will start now to accessorize.

Design yourself a nice pair of wings, which will perfectly match with your newly created bumblebee costume. You will need to build a wire frame, which you will coat using transparent lace. Bumblebee wings have usually an oval elongated form. Thus, you will need to create two wire frames, which will be of oval shape. The bumblebee wings will not sit upwards on your back, like a pair of angel wings, but will have to stay a bit downwards. Coat the wings with the transparent lace, or you can use an iridescent organza fabric as well. You can sew them onto the back of the dress, or secure them using a broach for example.

Wear a nice yellow handbag of small sizes. If you are skilled, enough you can design a sunflower shaped bag yourself using velvet and many beads. Also, wear a pair of black leggings with your bumblebee costume, and some flat shoes. The shoes can be velvet or even lacquered style, whichever you like best. If you choose to wear high heels, than you cannot wear the leggings, but choose regular pantyhose instead. If you want to avoid wearing an antenna headband, you can wear a daisy appliqué in your hair. Just pin your hair on one side and secure the daisy. Apply some natural makeup like a clear lip-gloss and some mineral blush powder. Avoid using strident colors like blue for an eye shadow or cherry red lipstick. The bumblebee is a symbol of nature; therefore, you should stay as natural as possible too!


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