I Want My Husband to Love Me Again – Is That Too Much to Ask?


Does your husband stay away from you way too often recently? Do you feel that your marriage seem walking toward dead end? If you answer yes to the above questions, probably you should start looking for solution to secure your marriage.

Below are some tips for your reference if you want your husband to love you again.

As always, there is no easy way in securing a relationship. Since the marriage dynamic for different couple varies, there is virtually no fixed solution. However, the common mistake many couples should have looked after in the beginning is how to make your husband feel admired and respected.

Married couple often suffers a lot of pressure when they step into married life. Various roles to be played such as mother, father and household economic pillar. Hence, they tend to lose focus on their partner. Husband felt he does not get enough attention which made him ignoring you as well.

Therefore, you should start proving to him that you do respect and admire him as always. Stop nagging to your husband. He is not your kid. For whatever he has done, you need to show a little more appreciation with intimate actions or affectionate words.

Try to bring back both of your good memories in the past to share when there is a chance. He may ignore your effort at first, deprive your ego. So, you must be prepared to stand still towards his harsh attitude. Meanwhile, you should also keep your life up and take good care of yourself. Besides, you should maintain your shape; anything that can boost up your self-esteem to lighten up his eyes on you would help in this situation.

If your husband has not cruel enough to leave you, you still stand a chance to grab him back in your arm. Just be strong to go through the process. It may take time to get him to love you again.


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