Isabel De Los Rios – What Makes Isabel Such a Popular Choice For Weight Loss Advice?


We hear a lot nowadays about a sensation in the weight loss field and that is a woman by the name of Isabel De Los Rios. Who is this woman? How has she contributed to finding the solution to the problem of controlling weight gain that people experience throughout their lives?

Isabel is a physiology graduate of Rutgers University, which follows a pre-med curriculum. She is also a certified nutritionist and highly experienced exercise specialist who has already changed the lives of thousands of people the world over.

Isabel has been awarded advanced certifications by CHEKI (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology Institute) and the NSCA (National Strength & Conditioning Association), which has given her the requisite qualifications and background to become an excellent exercise and nutrition counselor.

Isabel has been passionate about nutrition ever since she became an overweight teenager. With a family history of obesity and diabetes, the doctors had predicted a similar fate for her. Driven by the innocence of youth she refused to believe that she was doomed to a life of obesity and sickness and this is when she started educating herself on nutrition and exercise which followed her through College and then onto University. By the time she graduated, she was a walking encyclopedia on matters pertaining to nutrition, exercise and their correlation.

After spending 15 years on research and study, she started applying all that she learned on herself. Not surprisingly, she lost weight which was enough for her to look drop-dead gorgeous and without any side effects. This is when she went into writing books and counseling people regarding controlling and reversing their weight gain. In less than a decade, Isabel De Los Rios is today a household name. Her latest sensation, ‘The Diet Solution Program’ is a weight-loss bible that everybody should read.

What do people say about her?

People say Isabel De Los Rios is a blessing to all those who struggle with being overweight or have obesity issues that can be complicated by diabetes. People have come to appreciate that her recommended diet program is quite flexible when it comes to its meal plans, which of course makes it easier for you to stick to her dietary suggestions. With ‘The Diet Solution Program’, you might not get the super-fast weight loss that many other programs promise you (and sometimes never deliver on), however what you do get is consistent weight loss over a period of time.

Isabel has designed the diet program so well that after a few weeks you stop thinking that you are even on a diet. The flexibility of the program and the wisdom that she imparts regarding the right nutrition makes it easy for you to steer away from all possible trouble (read this as foods that counter your diet program) and stay on the track while enjoying everything that you eat. Very soon, you would be so encouraged by your success that the diet becomes a way of living.

The key behind the success of ‘The Diet Solution Program’ is that Isabel likes to keep things simple and effective. She likes to communicate with you on a level that is easy to understand and she has a very friendly writing style. This approach works very well as she ensures that you know exactly why her suggestions work and what could and would be the problems if her nutritional recommendations were not followed. Your new found knowledge in combination with her counseling are the critical steps to the success of the diet plan.

So what has she done and what has she contributed by way of products and programs to the world?

Isabel De Los Rios does not offer you a mere weight loss program. She endeavors to help those who have weight problems and other ailments that generally do not allow for easy weight loss – such as diabetes, heart problems, high cholesterol, etc. It took her 15 long years to find out that almost all health problems can be helped or solved if the nutrition is correct. Having been a diabetic and being overweight herself, she knew firsthand how difficult it was to fight the belief that ‘it cannot be done’.

Isabel has first worked to help people understand that everyone can lose weight – no matter what ailments they suffered from and no matter what doctors generalized about their future. The first and most important step, she says, is to believe that you can. She is walking proof that it is possible to lose weight even though you are a diabetic. She has lost enough weight to bring her from an ungainly overweight young woman to the present fit and svelte woman. She has not gained weight again.

Isabel has given people hope and an easy and workable method that facilitates weight loss naturally. You change a few things in the way you eat and bingo – you are as thin as you should be without painful long drawn diet programs or exercises. In her book, “The Diet Solution Program” she endeavors to bring the truth about food to the people and let them decide what is good for them and what is not. She used this book to explode some of the very popular myths about nutrition and diet and some of her findings will simply amaze and surprise you.

There is so much more to her book that literally makes it priceless to the reader. There are facts about nutrition, health, and everyday favorite foods that may change your life forever and for the better. Another great thing about her book is that it has been written in a simple and conversational way that not only makes interesting reading, but also forces you to turn the page and read some more.

Once you are part of ‘The Diet Solution Program’ you will never feel alone. Isabel contacts you, mainly by email, and keeps you on the straight and narrow. I have come to expect and look forward to all of her emails as they are packed full of helpful hints and ideas and also the occasional motivational tip. She really is a very giving person and this is something that you will experience for yourself, every bit of knowledge that she feels will assist you she will send it your way.

So what is my official verdict on Isabel?

Isabel De Los Rios works as a translator on healthy weight loss solutions to the common person. She has digested all the scientific mumbo-jumbo and then disseminated all the critical information in simple and general terms that anyone can understand and follow. She compiled all this exceptionally vital information in her book and the result is life-changing. Most people who read ‘The Diet Solution Program’ have changed from unhealthy to healthy nutritional habits willingly.

This is a book that everybody who has ever had a problem with losing weight must read because it’s not only telling you about how to lose weight but also how to live a healthy and carefree life by just watching out for the wrong type of foods. Good health, ideal body weight and fitness are within the reach of every person – that is what Isabel De Los Rios’s book, ‘The Diet Solution Program’ gives you.

Her philosophy has done wonders for me and I have no doubt in my mind that you can experience the same success as I have.


Source by Paul A. J.

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