Jon Bernthal Punisher role as Frank Castle in Daredevil Season 2

You know, I recognized Jon Bernthal outside his smaller theater stuff when he played the hard edged, stubborn reporter in Law and Order SVU (Law and Order: Special Victims Unit). Nevertheless, Jon Bernthal is going to be an amazing actor for the role of Frank Castle for season 2 of the Netflix original, Daredevil. 

jon bernthal punisher

Jon Bernthal Punisher role as Frank Castle in Daredevil Season 2

Previously, Bernthal was unknown to many until his casting into the lead roles of The Walking Dead, Fury and Wolf of Wall Street. Definitely, after paying his initial dues in lower end television and theater productions, Jon Bernthal’s rendition of Frank Castle will be a great one to see at the worst. Not to say in the film series the portrayal of the Punisher by previous role holders like Thomas Jane wasn’t done well, but it left a lot to be desired in the hearts of Marvel fanboys across the globe.

Needless to say, The Punisher needed to come back with a vengeance in both the literal production sense as well as the on screen sense of the character itself. Frank Castle is not really a hero in a lot of respects although he falls into that label according to Marvel . However, any fanboy/ fan girl for the character will agree that Castle is a fore lorn, revenge filled anti hero hell bent on initially avenging the horrible death of his wife and son, turned full blown vigilante against criminal masterminds.

Frank Castle, under the coin, “The Punisher”, is a lot deeper character in Marvel’s armory,Punisher_Trial_of_the_Punisher_Vol_1_1_Textless primarily in the layers foundbeneath the black garb and menacing skull. As many readers of the comic book series know, Castle undergoes one of the more trivial transformations in respects to other Marvel characters. His background and subsequent reasoning to become the Punisher is relatively thrown at the audience and action consumes the remainder of the character’s being throughout the series. The main aspect with Frank Castle is the character is constantly haunted by his memories and his trivial process of dealing with the past in a quest to clear his future, albeit in a bloody and “punishing” way. This character holds substantial yet underlying emotions of a sadistic nature. Jon Bernthal has played a variety of character roles from crazy to over the top monotanous in nature, so ideally, he would fulfill the aspect of Frank Castle’s emotional struggle with past, present and future thoughts. Bernthal can and arguably will be the best actor to be cast as role so far.



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