Kirk Lindo meets the Junkies at Free Comic Book Day

Kirk Lindo is one talented guy. A sentiment I know probably could go without saying. Nevertheless, this hard working guy was one of a couple of artists I met over at Free Comic Book Day at Dragon’s Lair in Fayetteville, NC. Although this article is a little late to follow my initial meeting with him, I nevertheless wanted to throw some information out there on a guy who deserves it. As a follower of comics for a very long time I truly enjoyed meeting Lindo alongside many artists I have interacted with over the years.  Immediately after meeting Kirk, I realized the artist behind Luxura and fellow comic series was cooler and more approachable then many. As a growing artist, writer and creator, Lindo is definitely involved in his craft.


It was a family affair for the Lindos at Free Comic Book Day. They were all very funny and an awesome bunch to meet. Upon noticing his son’s “Death from Above” tattoo from Starship Troopers, I knew it was going to being a great experience.

Kirk told me about the background to his series and his beginnings in artistry within the comic book realm.  He recalled coming across Sci Fi Junkies before and its relevance to the comic bbok he was releasing. We had run a vampire – esque gallery shortly before Free Comic Book Day.

Moving on… a little background on Luxura from Lindo’s Page

Luxura is a centuries old Vampire that has built a kingdom which spreads out across the four corners of the Earth. Her monarchy is overseen from her vast, underground labyrinthine estate below the city of Manhattan, New York. Her complex is made up of caverns, tunnels and underground castles. She has several trophy rooms and an extensive system of tunnels that lead to many above ground locations. Some of the above ground locations are buildings and business establishments owned by the Vampress.

In her subterranean manor, Luxura has an enormous Blood Vault which resembles a wine cellar. The vault houses thousands upon thousands of bottles. Stored within these bottles is the blood of humans, Kith and super naturals that Luxura has been collecting for over 1000 years. Each bottle has a picture of whose blood is inside. Some of the older bottles have hand drawn pictures while some of the newer bottles have photographs. In this blood collection is every conceivable historical figure that you can think of, from Julius Ceaser to John F. Kennedy. She did not personally collect all of this Blood, some of it she purchased and received as gifts. Other Vampires also collect blood but Luxura’s collection is the greatest of all. Her collection is preserved by a magic spell and talisman that she acquired from an ancient sorcerer, keeping the blood fresh, like the day it was first bled.

Many in the Kith leadership have often wondered why she has been so obsessed with the collection and storage of blood. As a Judicious Kith(Vampire), Luxura works to maintain the vampire community’s three Edicts: Sustain the Blood Source (mortals), Regulate the Kith(vampires) and Maintain Discretion.

underworld kate beckinsale tv show Underworld: Kate Beckinsale May Return in New Movie; TV Series in the Works  After reading the initial installments, I am very intrigued to see what comes in the future     of Kirk Lindo ’s Luxura graphic novel.As things within the story progress, the plot line           ensures Luxura, as a character, is far more than an ocular candy and more line with Kate     Beckinsale’s vampire portrayal in the Underworld series.. disregarding review of that series itself.


Nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind that Lindo, although hugely talented, is building the Luxura series steadily. Quite a few followers, fans and fellow artists are pushing behind the series as well, but it a Kickstarter campaign is also in place. If you want to donate a little to the project, check out the Kickstarter page. Anyway,  off my local artist support soap box and back to the task at hand… Kirk Lindo is a cool guy and great artist. I refrained from spoilers in this article but pick up a copy or six of Luxura and support Lindo in continuing the adventure of the Vampress Luxura.


Some Additional Art from Kirk Lindo

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