Nerd – gasm Alert! Netflix Star Wars Live Action Announced by Disney

My first thoughts on another live-action adaptation to Star Wars, outside the new additions by JJ Abrams beginning their release this year in December, was a definite “hell no!”.


Now that more information has been released, albeit a miniscule amount, the inner geek in me does relish a moment where Star Wars as a franchise begins failing itself with horrible live adaptations and I can subsequently laugh digitally through the sites I contribute too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of anything in the franchise, especially a fan of the idea for doing a Netflix Star Wars adaptation. I enjoy other adaptations made previously in other franchises and cannot completely down the apparent and inevitable ones for Star Wars as a whole.

Moving on…

In a galaxy far far away I believe any conversion from film to say, Netflix or Hulu would be flawlessly made and streamlined to my TV without any story issues or production value loss, but we all know that is few and far between. There is major speculation that the new series will air on Netflix,  with financial backing and production in tangent with Disney of course, and may center around supporting characters or the all too infamous bounty hunter, Boba Fett.


I for one would enjoy a Boba Fett series all the way through,  even if it was steamy pile of crap in the end. I don’t believe Disney would spare expense causing this, but no matter the money or production value, some series simply… bomb. I doubt that would be the case, unless Disney went with a horrible cast for the series. Another Josh Hutcherson scare (he was almost in Episode 7 The Force Awakens)  and I may feed myself to the Sarlacc. Sorry Josh, but your not an addition to anything Star Wars in my book.

Anyway, I feel a weird twist in the works,  as if Disney will have a sub standard plot or pick an obscure time period in Star Wars lore to be the premise. No issue really, a random time period or plot could set it aside from just being another addition to a franchise that sucks but would inevitably detract from audience appeal and overall viability.


If the jump from the big screen to Netflix is the next journey for Star Wars, then I simply hope the series follows the canon of the franchise appropriately. Netflix ‘s Daredevil has done an excellent job of this and kudos to the writers. A pull from that staff of people may be a bonus to a projected live action Star Wars series. Only time will tell. Until next time Junkies, keep the blue milk cold and the Bacta tank bubbling.

KM Franck… out.


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