New Updates For Pokémon Go

The Pokemon Company, Nintendo and Niantic, Inc. announced earlier this morning that Pokemon Go will have new information released sometime this month, in October 2016.


I don’t know about it all you other Pokemon addicts out there, but Sci Fi Junkies is psyched for the real world action that will be unleashed with the release of Pokemon Go!

As further news comes in we will cover everything we can and released as we get it. We have a couple links at Niantic as well assum Dove that were on ingress, the app based mobile game previously released by Niantic.

Upon Pokemon Go’s initial announcement, from various sources we have, parents and similar audiences we’re concerned about the new adaptation till long-standing Nintendo Pokemon series. As I’m sure to say, many parents would probably be concerned do two new safety issues involved with the game on this type of platform. Of course, we intend to get more information in this October’s announcement from Nintendo.


Check out our video on the technical aspects and rundown of Pokemon Go and also our video on this article covering parental concerns and safety of Pokemon Go. Thanks for reading on sci-fi junkies and get ready to catch them all!

Until later junkies, KM Franck out!

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