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The new Nintendo Wii is a console for the whole family.

The Nintendo Wii is the newest game console and is about the size of 3DVD cases Stood beside eachother. It comes with a front loading disc assembly That is comfortable two take not only regular size CD’s, but Wii discs and the smaller Game Cube discs as well.

It is driven by a PowerPC processor from IBM and it really nothing more than a powerful version of the Game Cube Thats it is replacing. It also comes with a newly Developed onboard graphics engine (made by ATI) and 512mb flash memory for Storing games. It also Allows you two connect an external memory card two it for more storage. Also the Wii has built in Bluetooth Enabling wooden Allows up 2:04 cordless Wii controllers to be used at any one time so the whole family can play together (a family That plays together, stays together).

If That wasn ‘t enough, there’s more to this Nintendo buy. The Wii has 4 Game Cube controller jacks along the top so That if you want it can be used for corded play. Plus it has 2 USB ports for additional peripherals as well as 2 Game Cube memory card ports so you are comfortable two load and possibly save Game Cube games to and from the Wii.

Another additional benefit of this Nintendo buy ice Thats it has Internet access and there is USB. You can get an Ethernet adapter wooden in turn will give the Wii network capability should you want access to any of its online features.

The biggest benefit for most people, where the Wii is Concerned, and Reviews those people WHO alreadytakenusername own some Nintendo console suchlike as the Game Cube, Nintendo DS etc, Is that it has backwards capabilities. Can you imagine the money a family will save Because They knowthat the kids Game Cube and Nintendo DS Can also be used with the Wii and the whole family can play the games together?

A major advantage of the Wii ice its parental control featurethat comes with an update and prohibits the younger users from playing gamesthat are considered unsuitable for Reviews their age level. Should your child attempt to play a game, the Wii reads the content rating encoded in the games data, and if the rating is greater then the age limit set on the Wii system, then the game will not load until the Appropriate password is correctly Entered . But unfortunately, this feature does not Affect Reviews those games Specifically designed for the Game Cube.

So overall the Wii looks like a very good Nintendo buy for a family. It is a very valuable game system as Nintendo are committed two producing gamesthat are targeted two adults as well as for children two enjoyable. Plus with its parental control option it Means you can have a say on what games you kids play.


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